Author: ameggison

Smith Electric Vehicles Stops Production Of Its EVs

Originally published on Gas2. Smith Electric Vehicles of Kansas City has suspended production of its electric trucks and vans. While executives remain optimistic about Smith’s chances, even they had to acknowledge that building a handful of electric vehicles at an extremely high just isn’t a sustainable business model. Smith Electric Vehicles … [continued]

Toyota i-Road Tour Through Congress (VIDEO)

Originally published on Gas2. If you didn’t think dictating national policy was enough fun for Congress, check out our nation’s representatives taking Toyota’s i-Road concept for a tour of Capitol Hill. The Toyota i-Road is a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed for city driving based on a concept that was seen at … [continued]

1,300 MPG!

This article first appeared on Gas2. Brigham Young University (BYU) is known for a number of things – and one of them is unconventional vehicles. The engineering wing of BYU has added to its fleet a new vehicle that gets 1,300 miles per gallon. The BYU 1,300 miles per gallon vehicle premiered … [continued]

California High-Speed Rail Is Moving Forward

This article first appeared on Gas2. California’s high-speed rail project has gotten the green light to begin even with many political obstacles still on the table. The overseeing board of the California high-speed rail project has said that the first 65-mile stretch of rail between Fresno and Merced will be exempt from … [continued]