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Proud Celebrity Owners Of The Tesla Model S

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The Tesla Model S has proven a wildly-popular car with EV enthusiasts and celebrities alike. So who are these A listers anyhow? We did some Internet sleuthing and came up with a fairly comprehensive list of Model S owners and fans.

Ben Affleck; Actor, Director and Screenwriter, known for such features like Goodwill Hunting, The Town, and legendary J.Lo bomb Gilli.

Anthony Bourdain; Chef, Author, and TV Personality. You know him from his old TV show No Reservations and his new CNN show Parts Unknown.

James Cameron; Legendary Director, Screenwriter, Deep Sea Explorer. This is the man that brought you Avatar, Titanic, The Terminator and Terminator II, and my personal favorite Aliens. It makes sense for a sci-fi movie director to rock a Model S, doesn’t it?

Don Cheadle; Actor. You know him from Iron Man II and III, Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and thirteen, and excellent Showtime series House of Lies.

Darren Criss; Singer Song Writer, Actor. You know him from Glee and a Very Potter Musical.

Cameron Diaz; Actress. You know her from There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angles I and II, some questionable romantic comedies, and Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

Jon Favreau; Actor, Director. You know him from Iron Man I and II, Swingers, and Elf. (Jon is also buddies with Elon Musk, and reportedly modeled the Tony Stark character off of him.)

Morgan Freeman; Actor and Director. You know him as the voice of God and narrator of many films, Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, and Driving Miss Daisy.

Jennifer Garner; Actress. You know her as the wife of fellow Tesla driver Ben Affleck and some movies that were not that great like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Alyson Hannigan; Actress. You know here from TV on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, and from the American Pie movies.

Dennis Haysbert; Actor. You know him as the guy from the Allstate advertisements, which obviously cover electric cars, and TV series 24.

James Hetfield; Songwriters and Lead Singer of Metallica

Anthony Kiedis; Songwriter and Lead Singer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jay Leno; You know who Leno is and of course he has a Tesla! A Roadster though, not a Model S.

Dominic Monaghan; Actor. You know his from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Lost.

Demi Moore; Actress. You know here Striptease, A Few Good Men, and 80’s classic St. Elmo’s Fire, and from the tearjerker Ghost. She was also married to Bruce Willis for ~13 years and Ashton Kutcher for ~8 years.

Ray Parker Jr.; Legendary guitarist and songwriter – he wrote and performed the theme song to Ghostbuster!

Kevin Pollak; Actor and Comedian. You know him as “oh it’s that guy” from movies like Casino, The Usual Suspects, Hostage, The Whole Nine Yards, and A Few Good Men. His standup is awesome too!

Jay-Z; Rapper and Producer. He was Instagramed with a “murdered out” black-on-black Tesla Model S by his wife, Beyonce, earlier this year.

Will Smith; Actor and musician. Big Willy Style!

Steven Spielberg; Director. ET, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Close Encounters, The Indian a Jones films, Saving Private Ryan, Schneider’s List, need I go on?

Steve Wozniak; Inventor and the other half of Apple, is an unabashed Tesla fan as well who has posed with the Tesla Model X.

And last but not least, Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, The Water Boy) gave his costars of Grown Ups Maseratis after the shoot – nice bonus and very generous, though he gave co-star Rob Schneider a Tesla Roadster instead, because Rob likes EVs apparently.

Of course not every superstar celebrity is a Tesla fan, and George Clooney famously trashed his Roadster, getting into it with none other than Elon Musk.

This is hardly a conclusive list of celebrity Tesla fans either; actor Seth Green has been seen around Hollywood in his Model S, as has, beat master of the Black Eyed Peas. No longer do celebrities have to putz around in a Toyota Prius to seem like they care about the environment, and pretty soon all of Hollywood might be driving Teslas instead of Toyotas.

Image: Beverly News

Source: Gas 2. Reproduced with permission.

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  • Surya

    Schneider’s List? Never heard of that movie 😛

  • Michael B

    I believe that David Letterman and Steven Colbert also have Teslas, though I’m sure a lot (of other “celebs”) are missing. The good thing that they bring is exposure, provided they mention or are seen with the vehicles periodically (or even better: routinely). That’s how I learned the above, and possibly when Musk himself was their guest. Colbert in particular was effusive in his praise of the car.

  • Offgridman

    I had forgotten about Jay Leno having a Roadster, well he is one that should have no problem affording battery upgrade recently announced by Musk.
    It will be interesting to watch the Leno’s Garage show on it after he has it done, as while he has been a supporter of EV technology and done segments on various models, does constantly harp on the lack of range.

    • Bob_Wallace

      I was thinking about speed and range for the Roadster and S – found this graph. The Roadster is 200 miles at 65 MPH. Now doubling to 400 miles.

      • Offgridman

        Thanks Bob, with the battery upgrade the Roadster is going to be a very sweet vehicle for those long distance trips using just electricity. If it could just accommodate more than two passengers there would be one setting in the driveway now. 🙂
        I think that you were popping in on the conversation about the E Golf the other day? Did you get a chance to see the link put up by Kyle Field on the redesign for the EV format?
        This is brought up because I have a suspicion that VW may be understating its range. So with conservative driving it will out perform the Leaf by a fair margin and be a better value for the slightly higher price.

        • Bob_Wallace

          It’s going to be very interesting to see the Roadster battery price. It might tell us more about how close we might be to an affordable adequate range EV.

          • Offgridman

            It will help us to get an idea of where prices are headed, can’t disagree with that. Wonder though if Tesla is going to charge the true cost plus a profit margin on it or the installation. Since compared to the number of EV’s they hope to have on the road after a couple of years of Model3 sales the Roadsters will be a small percentage. Perhaps some subsidizing of the price might be done for public image, and to keep those first customers happy and speaking well of Tesla. As word of mouth is still the primary means of advertising. Especially with the conversions done before they are able to use the less expensive batteries from the Gigafactory.

          • Bob_Wallace

            I don’ t get the feeling that Tesla is selling anything for less than the cost of manufacturing. That’s not to say they have yet recovered the R&D costs, car manufacturers generally spread those over years of model production.

            “Tesla Motors has a Gross Profit Margin (Quarterly) of 27.69%”


  • DGW

    Shallow as it may be, showing the world that “celebrities” drive a Tesla is only good for the company and EVs everywhere.
    Early automobiles were playthings of the wealthy but they paid for the early development that would eventually become far too efficient and forever changing cultures across the globe.
    There’s really no good reason why all autos and trucks shouldn’t be built as plug-in hybrids right now. That would completely change Big Oil which explains everything.

  • MrL0g1c

    How many of this lot actually drive their Teslas? Celebrities often have multiple cars the making of which damages the environment.

    Oops, was I supposed to be worshiping these people?

    • Jouni Valkonen

      If they have lots of cars, they probably do not drive with them significantly and they are probably stored in well conditioned garage with high level of service. This means that those cars have proportionally longer lifespan and therefore there is no extra cost for environment compared to owning only single car.

      And for sure all of those mentioned celebrities are driving Tesla, because it is the best car they own.

      US culture is twisted as the personal wealth determines the value of individual.

      • MrL0g1c

        A huge amount of CO2 is released during the construction of a car – the same as tens of thousands of miles of driving, so no extra cost to the environment is completely untrue.

        The article doesn’t say they drive Teslas, it says they own Teslas. A couple of them are ‘Tesla fans’ but the article says nothing about how these spend the majority of their time traveling.

      • EV docmaker

        Friends of mine in California are either MODEL S only households or all electric households with original RAV4-EVs.

  • Charlotte Omoto

    I think this is interesting, though it perpetuates the stereotype that Teslas are for the 1%. What about finding some scientists and educators or non-actor/singers who are Tesla owners? For many of those listed, dropping $100k is nothing while for many other Tesla owners, the cost was a significant consideration which I made considering the environmental impact.

    • Jouni Valkonen

      If the rich 1 % buys Tesla, this means that Tesla has over two million car matkets. This is LOTS of EVs at this point of development.

      The prominent Finnish politician, the leader of leading opposite party, Juha Sipilä is also a Tesla owner. I think that at this point it is very important that the politicians are getting a Tesla enthusiasts as Tesla debunks most of the EV myths where government EV subsidy policy is based on.

      EV subsidies should be directed for the rich 1 % rather than middle class, because the development of new technology happens mostly in the luxury car category. Nissan has not pushed the EV technology forward at all since the introduction of LEAF, because LEAF is just lowly middle class car that is not worthy to develop any further than what is necessary for milking subsidies. Even small Tesla has done lot more for the EV technology than Nissan although Tesla did not have much cash nor experience on cars.

      • Bob_Wallace

        I like to play the mind game of “Were I Emperor” from time to time.

        In this case were I Emperor I would take back the unused subsidies from all the car companies that have marketed only compliance cars and use that money to subsidize the Leaf and any other lower priced EV that is making a real effort to sell volume.

        I’d try to assist the serious sellers in getting their sales levels up to where they can bring their costs down and get their EVs into the hands of people who really need to save money on fuel and car costs.

        A new ~80 mile range EV for the price of an econobox. Working people could buy one, pay it off in a few years with their fuel savings and old banger maintenance costs.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Which makes me go “Hummmm……”.

          If you’re XYZ car company you have the same 200,000 car subsidy allowance as companies like Nissan and Tesla who have been marketing and using up their allowance.

          You, XYZ, can sit back and wait for other companies to bring down battery prices. Then, when the time is right, you can jump in and market your EV with MSRPs of $20k, $25k and about 200,000 people can buy them for well under $20k while Nissan/Tesla will nave used up their subsidies.

          I suppose it makes sense to not sell EVs at this point in time.

          • Matt

            That is the point, the subsides were intended to push the market forward. So set a 4 levels, if you haven’t sold that many EV by end of year. You lose over 100k, 75k, 50k, 25k of your 200k car subsides. Then allocate halve out to the people who have sold EV based on volume. The other have get allocated end of 2015 based on volume by then. Oh wait, I’m not emp…

        • Charlotte Omoto

          I totally agree. Especially the Fuel Cell cars touted as having good range and rapid refueling, but you can only refuel in S CA!

      • Charlotte Omoto

        My whole point is that rich may not be the main market for Tesla. I recall a survey showing that more than half of Tesla owners had a Prius or other green cars, NOT a luxury car prior to their purchase of a Tesla. That certainly fits me. I had 2 Priuses before getting a Tesla.

        • Jouni Valkonen

          Many wealthy people drive with ordinary cars such as Prius. Not everyone require artificial ego-booster such as BMW M5. But you are partially correct. Many Tesla customers probably stretch quite a bid financially. But those who Earn less than $100 000 per year are not your typical Tesla customers.

        • Farty Fartsalot

          And you’re a perpetuating a double standard. You’re bitching about the wealthy owning a Tesla yet you have one…

    • I think it’s important to see that these celebrities choose the Tesla Model S when they could have practically any car they wanted, because it shows that this is a very appealing vehicle and that electric cars in general are very appealing.

      • Charlotte Omoto

        I would like to think so, but I think they just want the hottest, most talked about car not necessarily that they wanted electric.

    • EVcine

      Still plenty of rich people who don’t own one.

    • EVcine

      We need MORE celebs setting the good example. Same with solar energy only a tiny per cent of the zillion dollar celeb mansions have solar !

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