Arc Sport electric wake boat, image credit: ArcOne

New Electric Wake Boat Announced By Arc

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So much of the electric vehicle news is about land-based EVs. The social media bickering and arguing about EVs and gas-powered vehicles is also about the terrestrial versions. Electrification includes water-based transportation too, though this fact seems to be largely overlooked. Here at CleanTechnica, we have written about several electric boats, including previously about the Arc One, a limited-edition electric pleasure-craft. 

Arc recently announced another all-electric watercraft, the Arc Sport wake boat

Let’s get to the specs, which is what many readers want to know first.

  • Battery size: 226 kWh
  • Motor output: 570 HP and more than double the torque of most premium wake boats
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Active usage time: About 4 – 5 hours per charge
  • Charging: Can use Level 1, 2, and 3 chargers
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Cost: Starting at $258,000 (The price range of new gas-powered wake boats is about $70,000 — $300,000.)

Arc’s CEO, Mitch Lee, answered some questions about the new boat for CleanTechnica.

How many Arc Ones have you sold, and why did you decide to launch a wake sports boat?

The Arc One was an exclusive, limited-edition model. We produced fewer than 20 of them. We’re now scaling this technology to the mass-market with the Arc Sport.

The $3.7B wake sports industry is booming, but outdated. We wanted to accelerate the industry’s adoption of more exciting and sustainable options to enjoy our water, and our team of aerospace engineers did just that. Wielding 226 kWh of battery capacity, a 570 HP motor, and more than double the torque of other wake boat competitors, the Arc Sport unleashes unprecedented performance for the mass-market.

Arc Sport electric wake boat
Arc Sport electric wake boat, image credit: Arc One

What is the wake boat’s battery chemistry, and how long can the boat operate before it needs to be charged?

For most people, the Arc Sport can handle a standard day out on the water. The exact usage time depends on the amount of time you spend at various speeds. Cruising around at lower speeds is sustainable for over 24 hours straight, whereas spending more time at high speeds will drain the battery faster. On average, the boat should support 4-5 hours of active usage time, including plenty of towing. Lunch breaks come free of charge.

What are the top speed and cruising speed?

The top speed is software-restricted to 40 mph, and optimal cruising speed is in the mid-20s.

Does it come with a charger and what is the charging speed?

Our boats can be charged using a variety of methods — from a standard wall outlet (Level 1) to something you’d use to power an electric car in your garage (Level 2), or even a DC fast charger (Level 3). We expect most customers to use a Level 2 charger. That will fully charge the battery overnight, much less by the time an owner wants to use their boat again.

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What is the boat’s warranty, and what does it cover?

The Arc Sport comes with a standard 5-year powertrain warranty, and a 3-year interior warranty. With dramatically fewer moving parts than a comparable gas engine, the reliability of the boat is one of its many advantages!

How many wake sports boats will you make?

We’ll make boats until every wake boat is electric! We recently moved to a new 150k sq. ft. factory in LA, and are expanding our team to scale production to hundreds of boats a year.

Does each one come with a trailer?

Yes, trailers customized to the boat are an available option.

Can the wake boat be charged with solar power?

As with any electric vehicle, the Arc Sport can be charged with any electrical source, including solar power! However, our boats do not include built-in solar panels. Doing so would increase the cost and fragility of the boat, and would have minimal impact given the size of our battery packs.

Does it have an onboard refrigerator or commode?

No. Wake boats are intended for day use and therefore do not typically include refrigerators or commodes.

Is it a day boat only or can it also be used for overnighting?

It’s a day boat built for enjoying water sports and cruising with friends and family.

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