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BLUETTI AC200P in 2023: Still Excellent in Every Way?

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Launched in 2020, the BLUETTI AC200P entered the saturated market as an all-in-one power station with a 2,000W inverter, a 2,000Wh LiFePO4 battery, 7 charging methods, and 17 outlets, which meets the power needs of users in nearly all scenarios, no matter indoors or outdoors.          

What makes BLUETTI AC200P still stand out among numerous competitors?

Since its debut, the BLUETTI AC200P has been a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners alike. The following key features of AC200P may shed light on its enduring popularity. 

Great mobile power

The AC200P with 2,000W output (4,800W surge) is the perfect combination of mobility and capability. It can power various outdoor activities such as camping, RVing, and boating. With this unit, you can stay connected and enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about running out of power. During power outages, the AC200P jumps out as a lifesaver. It can keep your critical appliances running, such as medical equipment, working devices, refrigerators, and lights, giving your peace of mind at all times.

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Durable LiFePO4 battery

The AC200P adopts the latest battery technology using LiFePO4 cells, which is a safer, longer-lasting battery type than the Lithium-ion variation. With over 3,500 charge cycles, the AC200P outlasts its competitors’ NCM models, which typically have only 800 to 1,000 cycles. Moreover, it is more eco-friendly than Lithium power stations as the LiFePO4 requires no heavy metals such as cobalt, nickel, and manganese in its making. 

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Expandable capacity

The AC200P holds 2,000Wh power in its built-in battery. You can also connect additional batteries, such as the B230 or B300 expansion battery pack, to increase its capacity to 4,048Wh and 5,072Wh respectively. This is particularly useful for longer trips, glamping, overlanding, prolonged power outages, or whenever extra power is needed.

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Fast solar and AC charging

The AC200P offers various charging options, including solar panels, AC wall outlets, lead-acid batteries, and car charging, either separately or in combination to enable dual recharging.

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The AC200P supports up to 1,200W dual AC+Solar input, or 1000W dual AC input with optional  T500 adapters at a low cost. You can pair the AC200P with the BLUETTI PV200 or PV350 folding solar panels to get 700W solar power when you’re on the go. Additionally, if you have the D050S charging enhancer, you can get an additional 500W, for a total of up to 1,200W of solar charging power to achieve GENUINE power sufficiency via solar.

Unbeatable cost-effectiveness

BLUETTI AC200P offers the most budget-friendly price of its kind. The AC200P is priced at just $1299, in comparison, power stations that provide around 2 kWh capacity from other well-known brands are normally priced at $300 to $800 higher in spite of their lower life cycles.

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Special offers: solar generator kits

As one of BLUETTI’s flagship models, the AC200P offers a powerful and affordable option for easier access to mobile power, especially solar energy anywhere. You can choose a solar generator kit for emergency backup or off-grid living. With three pieces of PV200 solar panels, you can fully charge your AC200P in 6 hours with 600W solar power in full sun. There is also a kit with PV120 to produce 360W solar power for you. Grab the special offer now!

BLUETTI AC200P + 3 x PV200 Kit for $2,496, save $660 from the original price of $3,156

BLUETTI AC200P + PV420 Kit for $2,198, save $560 from the original price of $2,758

BLUETTI AC200P+B230 Kit for $2,698, save $589 from the original price of $3,287

BLUETTI AC200P + B300 Kit for $3,298, save $789 from the original price of $4,087

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BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped the company expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

This article is sponsored by BLUETTI.

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