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The emoose Solar-Compatible Portable Power Station

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During the pandemic and the current post-pandemic period, many people made big changes in their lives. They sold their homes and moved to the country or out of their home nation. A fraction of this population segment may have tried van or RV life. Or perhaps they went for an off-grid cabin in the woods. Solar PV panels and a portable battery system are helpful in such situations. A small, powerful, portable battery that can be charged from a number of sources, and yet still has more than adequate capacity, is a solution for people who want to expand their living options. The simplest one is replacing an old, loud, smelly, large generator that runs on fossil fuels.

A while back, someone reached out to me to review such a product, an emoose portable power station. However, to do so would require using it in the full range of the aforementioned scenarios, which isn’t currently possible. The next best choice was to ask its maker some questions about it for CleanTechnica, which the company answered below.

What is the battery and charger for?

emoose power stations supply power to almost all electronic devices, from gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, and laptops to more power-hungry appliances such as portable heaters and refrigerators, electric grills, power tools, and coffeemakers. This means that our power stations fit users’ needs for a large variety of scenarios — including camping trips, home backup and emergency use, and workshops — where devices need portable power. 

Who is it for? Do you need any technical knowledge to use it?

Anyone can use an emoose power station — it is especially useful in scenarios where users need portable power, such as camping trips, home backup and emergency use, and workshops. emoose power stations are made to be easy to use, with no technical knowledge required. 

What is the battery’s capacity and chemistry?

The emoose GIGA X1500 runs on NCM battery technology and has 1502Wh capacity — the model is one of the lightest and most compact high-power capacity power stations in the market. The emoose GIGA X1200 runs on LiFePO4 battery technology and has 1167Wh capacity.

Image credit: emoose

What is the warranty?

5 years, which is longer than most of emoose’s competitors.

Can it be charged with solar power, and if so how much solar power can it handle?

Yes, emoose power stations are equipped with 200W solar panels that recharge to a maximum of 600W. It takes 3 hours to fully recharge via solar panels. 

What is the process for connecting it to a solar power system?

Users can just plug and play, like other normal solar-powered portable power stations, as emoose uses an MC4 connector.

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Can two of the devices be linked for more capacity?

Yes — emoose’s Duo Mode unlocks double the power and capacity by daisy-chaining two emoose power stations together, transforming the two devices into a 4800W and 3004Wh energy generator that powers heavy duty devices or multiple appliances all at once. 

Does the device function well in cold weather, or does it lose some charge?

Yes, emoose power stations function well in cold weather — the working temperature is between 14°F and 113°F, with no loss of charge. 

What is the device’s cost?

The emoose GIGA X1500 and X1200 power stations retail at $1,599 and $1,299 MSRP respectively, and will be offered at up to 42% off during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, launching April 27th. Both models will be available on and Amazon from May 2023.

What are all the devices it can charge?

emoose power stations can power and charge almost all electronic devices, from gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, and laptops to more power-hungry appliances such as portable heaters and refrigerators, electric grills, power tools, and coffeemakers. A full list of devices is available at

How long does it take to charge it with a standard wall outlet?

emoose power stations can fast charge to 80% in 50 minutes.

Can it be charged from a gas-powered or electric vehicle?

Yes, there are four ways to recharge: AC, car, solar, and AC+solar.

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