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I’m a new Tesla owner. My Model Y is ultra modern — streamlined in its design and rich in its amenities. So, when I learned that there is a huge aftermarket Tesla accessories audience, I was kinda surprised. Why would someone who invested in a Tesla purchase aftermarket items? Baffled, I reached out to our friend Matt Pressman over at EV Annex. Matt was kind enough to answer some questions I posed and to unpack the nuances behind aftermarket Tesla accessories and their allure.

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My new Tesla Model Y seems to be filled with the most contemporary appointments. Why is it important for me to consider aftermarket items to add to my new all-electric vehicle?

Agreed! Getting a new Tesla is always an important investment. And we always recommend you try to protect that investment. That’s why there are so many great options for vehicle protection. No matter what happens with the weather, including this crazy “bomb cyclone” — it’s always a good idea to get a car cover to protect your exterior. For the interior, we recommend getting a set of Weathertech floor liners so you’re not dragging snow, mud, and ice into your Tesla and creating a mess.

I’ve never been particularly attentive in keeping sand out of my vehicles. Yet floor mats seem to move around too much. What approach should I take with my new Model Y to keep it as clean as possible on a daily basis?

If the Weathertech floor liners aren’t right for you, another option would be our all-weather mats, which are made of a hard rubber and “waffle” shaped — these tend to really stay in place nicely. If you have a pet, we recommend you get a rear seat pet cover so that you defend against shedding, scratches, and stains. You’ll also need a good screen protector so you don’t see a bunch of fingerprints and smudges obscuring the critical info on the Model Y’s center screen. To keep the Model Y exterior clean, we’d recommend ceramic speed shine, a complete compound, and heavy duty wheel cleaner from Griot’s Garage. That will help your Model Y sparkle in the sun!

The trunk area is quite expansive. When I first went shopping with the vehicle, I felt as if the items I had purchased were sliding around in the trunk. What suggestions do you have for securing my purchases?

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There are two great products to help with this common problem.

First, you should get our envelope-style trunk cargo net to hold groceries, shopping bags, sporting goods, or camping gear securely in place in the trunk.

Second, you should utilize the recessed trunk well (or sub-trunk) to store important items in your Model Y. To make sure things don’t roll all over the place, you should get a trunk organizer which will help you partition and compartmentalize this sub-trunk area in order to keep it neat and organized.

It took me a while to find the hidden storage compartment in the Model Y trunk. Partially, I think that’s because it’s a bit difficult to pull up the trunk flooring to reveal the storage below. What advice do you have for me?

It’s hard to find and access this hidden storage area in the trunk, and I use it all the time. To make it easier to access and locate, we’ve create a super-handy trunk pull-strap so you can utilize this hidden gem in your trunk.

I live in a state that has a very hot season. Should I use sunshades? Why or why not?

You should always pre-cool your Model Y using your Tesla app. But still, there’s nothing worse than having the sun bake your interior like a hot oven! If you’re wearing shorts and the vegan leather is super-hot, it can really burn when you sit down. Even your steering wheel and dashboard can be hot-to-the-touch after too much sun. We definitely recommend using sunshades if you leave your car parked for a long time in the sun. It can also keep the upholstery, the touchscreen, and the control electronics cool so the sun doesn’t do any damage.

Why are silicon wiper blades preferable over the stock wiper blades? What’s their advantage?

Unfortunately, the stock wiper blades can leave streaks and can be somewhat inconsistent in their ability to properly clean the windshield during a significant rain storm. This can really decrease visibility while driving. Even though they’re more expensive, using silicon wiper blades should give you a more reliable result — it’s a really popular product with customers.

I’m wary that, after the break-in period is over with my new Tesla, I’ll just end up tossing items in the different storage wells without rhyme or reason. What advice do you have about ways for me to keep my Tesla organized?

Hopefully, I’ve already provided you with some good recommendations for the trunk. But the most under-utilized storage area in a Tesla is actually the frunk! There’s no internal combustion engine in the front trunk of a Tesla — just space to store stuff. So we recommend you get a frunk cooler to store groceries (which often need to stay cool). Also, you can use it for picnics, tailgating, or any other occasion you want to store food and drinks you need to keep cool.

What are the advantages of installing aftermarket mud flaps on my new Tesla? We do have quite the rainy season where I live.

Mud flaps can help protect your Model Y from snow, sleet, mud, salt, and other road debris that can “kick up” and “mess up” the Model Y’s exterior body panels. It’s an effective way to protect your Model Y and keep it clean.

So many aspects of the Model Y are new to me. One item that I haven’t encountered before is the under-seat air vents. Should I be protecting them in some way so they don’t get clogged with dust and debris?

Yes! We’ve designed under-seat air vent covers for the Model Y so small debris doesn’t fall into your HVAC vents and do harm.

Part of the pleasure in owning a Tesla becomes the opportunities for entertainment. I’ve seen another Tesla owner having fun with a disco ball. Do I want one of these? What types of occasions would be best for using it?

For sure! You can have a party inside your Tesla anytime with the USB-activated disco ball which lights up and “dances” to the music — great for nights out with friends. I just used mine on New Year’s Eve!

What other aftermarket items would be well-suited for a new Tesla owner like me? Why?

Something really popular is our screen swivel mounting kit for the center touchscreen so you can tilt it towards you as you drive in order to provide better visibility and easier access. Also, if you have to park and run into the store, your friend (or family member) in the passenger seat can watch YouTube or Netflix on the touchscreen, and they can tilt the screen towards them, too.

As you can see, I have lots of questions about aftermarket items for my new Tesla Model Y. I really want to protect and enjoy my vehicle to its fullest. What final advice do you have for me to help me have the best possible experience with my new all-electric pride and joy?

Take road trips in your Tesla! It’s so much fun. Almost everywhere you go, you can easily find superchargers (or public chargers). But, sometimes, you can get low on a charge and need to plug in wherever you might be — so we recommend you get a road trip charging kit which comes with all kinds of UL-rated charging adapters and a 30-foot extension cord so you can handle any type of situation.

Also, we recommend getting organized with an armrest storage organizer, sliding storage tray, and glove box organizer. And, for backseat passengers, it’s worthwhile to pick up the rear seat storage cubby and cup holder as well. These products will really help you find what you’re looking for more quickly, provide easy access, and help keep your Model Y neat.

Last, to keep your Tesla super-clean and neat, you’ll need to get a Cyber Trash mini trash bin which fits right inside your cup holder. Even though the Cybertruck is (sadly) delayed until 2023, at least this keep-your-car-clean product can provide a fun reminder of what’s coming soon from Tesla!

Image provided by EV Annex

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