Ford & General Motors Boast About Leading EV Industry — Tesla Actually Leads It

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Ford and General Motors are bragging about leading the EV revolution, while Tesla is actually doing the work.

We already know that President Biden is hyping up GM as the leader of the EV market, and although I’ve covered that a few times, what’s new is that Ford is now jumping into the ring and beating its chest.

Ford CEO Jim Farley tweeted that he was looking forward to meeting with President Biden to talk about strengthening consumer incentives while helping spread the adoption of EVs and helping American workers lead the global transition to zero emissions. This is great and inspiring, but what he said next is not actually true.

“At Ford, we’re leading the EV revolution, breaking to increase production of our all-electric icons, like the F-150 Lightning arriving this spring. Still, there’s more to be done to help make this plan a reality.”

I’ve seen many comments on this topic saying that it doesn’t matter because people know the truth. Some have said that it’s just politics, while others have said that the American people know that Tesla is the real leader. However, these comments don’t take into account mental programming or brainwashing.

My friend, Gail Alfar, told me over the phone:

“Ford misleading the American public is very insidious. When people hear something repeatedly from a source that they normally trust, they start to believe that it’s the truth.”

When you repeat a lie long enough, you start to believe it as truth. This same principle applies to positive thinking, meditation, and is one of the core bases of how programming works in humans. The idea behind “fake it to make it” is based on telling yourself it’s true until it becomes true.

Ford, GM, President Biden, and those who are pushing the narrative that the same automakers who mocked Tesla, had the opportunity to create an EV market and lead it but chose not to, are now leading — and have been.

Tesla and its employees are doing the hard work. They are leading these markets, and although this may seem petty to some, integrity is important. By ignoring Tesla’s contributions and literally trying to brainwash consumers into thinking that these legacy companies are responsible for the hard work Tesla and its employees have done shows that they lack integrity.

Tesla is the only company that has been able to produce EVs at scale and is currently leading the EV revolution. It has been all of this time. Ford and GM had the chance to be the leaders. And while they’re out there puffing up their chests and bragging about what they are doing, Tesla is actually doing it.

Now, this isn’t to say that Ford and General Motors aren’t making EVs, and getting more serious about EVs. Ford developed the Mustang Mach-E. The Mustang Mach-E is a new American icon that should be celebrated. Seeing Ford take one of its best-selling and most prominent vehicles and electrify it is great. However, had they done that before Tesla was founded, then they would have been considered the leader of the EV revolution. Instead, they have been far behind Tesla.

Ford and General Motors are not leaders and will not be until they are selling more EVs than ICE vehicles. They have to beat themselves, not Tesla, to win. For now, it seems they are only here to beat Tesla — and they aren’t even close.

The picture that Jim Farley painted of American workers leading the move to the global transition to zero-emissions transportation is inspiring and beautiful. And Although America is behind in EV adoption, its workers are already leading the global transition to EVs thanks to Tesla, which was recently recognized by Bloomberg as having the most productive auto factory in America.

I really think that Ford and GM need to stop bragging and actually start doing. Ford has done more than GM in regards to producing and selling EVs. And I may sound harsh but by claiming they’re leading when they are not is actually misleading. If the lead in the future, that’s a different story. But to disregard the hard work Tesla’s employees have done is not right.

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