Tesla’s RNA Bioreactor Can Make Vaccines & Save Lives, But Won’t Be Financially Material For Tesla

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Elon Musk is doing it again — leading with his heart. What many probably do not realize is that Tesla is helping out with the development of vaccines as well its normal work with cars, batteries, and solar technology, and we got an update on it this evening thanks to Twitter user “Sam” stimulating a response from Elon.

Sam shared that the vaccine that Tesla is working on has a bit in common with what Pfizer is doing. Elon Musk pointed out Tesla’s role in the matter. Read the tweets here:

Elon followed up this tweet with “I do expect this to become an important product for the world, but probably not financially material to Tesla.” In other words, this is something that will help others, but Tesla won’t benefit much financially from it. With this statement, Elon reminded all of us that sometimes, what’s most important isn’t financially material.

Elon Musk has shown time and again that he cares about people. This drive in him is what’s pushing him toward his goals with SpaceX and Tesla. Everyone has a life’s purpose — or more than one.

One of Elon’s purposes, in his eyes, is to preserve the light of consciousness. He has said this plenty of times before. In a discussion with Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Ma asked Elon why he was so curious about Mars. Elon’s reply reflected that it’s more than Mars — that bright red planet we saw in the sky over the summer. Mars and space exploration is just a byproduct of a much larger goal, the goal of preserving humanity’s survival.

“Well, I think the thing about Mars is that I think it’s important for us to take the set of actions that are most likely to continue consciousness into the future. What increases the probability of consciousness continuing into the future? I think we should not take it for granted that consciousness will continue because we have not encountered any aliens — where are the aliens?”

Elon also added that, “Among the set of actions we can take that are likely to increase the scope and scale of consciousness such that we are better able to understand the nature of the universe, one of those actions is to become a multi-planet species or make sure that life is multi-planetary.”

This is the driving force behind many of Elon’s actions, especially when it comes to doing what he can to make a difference. Often, he is asked to help in difficult times, and if he can, he does. He takes action. When Louisiana needed ventilators, for example, he told me he would try. He kept many of his promises to hospitals that were in critical need despite the onslaught of media attacks claiming otherwise.

I’ve said this before but will do so again. When Louisiana needed aid during Hurricane Laura, part of the problem we had was a lack of media exposure. No one seemed to really care that the entire southwest portion of our state was completely wiped out by the storm. The mayor of Lake Charles was dismissed by the media and his pleas were mostly ignored. “The night after the storm, I was on a national media outlet speaking with a pretty popular correspondent. The next day, I was scheduled to do the same thing, but then I got a text saying ‘Hey, thanks, but not needed,'” said Mayor Nic. I along with many others took to Twitter to spam as many high profile accounts as I could to try to get help. I shared links to the Cajun Navy’s website. Elon Musk not only donated to the Cajun Navy, but to several other relief organizations that helped during Laura and in the remainder of our intense hurricane season (and Eta may still come for us yet).

Louisiana isn’t the only state that has benefitted from Elon Musk. Wherever he goes, his kindness goes with him, and this is the main reason I admire and respect Tesla’s CEO. His kindness is what kept me going through dark times, and Elon Musk is a light to many. However, like actual light, it attracts darkness as well. You can’t have one without the other.

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