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Cars Koenigsegg Gemera

Published on March 27th, 2020 | by Jo Borrás


Koenigsegg Gemera | 1700HP Hybrid Hypercar For The Whole Family

March 27th, 2020 by  

Koenigsegg, that Swedish builder of ultra high-end, high-tech, high-performance hypercars, has done it again. Originally set to debut at the (cancelled) 2020 Geneva show, the Koenigsegg Gemera four-passenger super GT is the electrified 200+ MPH supercar you’ve been waiting for. That’s assuming that you have half a million dollars budgeted for your next car purchase and actually want to take your kids to the double ton on public roads, you know?

Koenigsegg Gemera

Images: Koenigsegg

It doesn’t hurt, either, that the car is painfully pretty.

Koenigsegg Gemera | Doors Up

Koenigsegg Gemera

OK, so the Gemera is an absolutely bonkers thing that almost no one will ever experience, let alone buy. But it has some pretty inspired tech baked into it, and technology has a way of actually trickling down to the masses in a way that money other stuff doesn’t.

Let’s face it, then: the electric vehicle revolution owes a lot to Everett Rogers and the diffusion of innovations. If you already know who and what that is, just nod and scroll down to the horsepower figures and the pretty pictures. If you don’t, the basic idea is that the early adopters of a given product or innovation will eventually determine its ability to grow and scale. If they’re positive evangelists, the innovation can spread. If they’re not, it won’t. It’s why Tesla’s $100,000, über-fast “halo cars” do more to influence mainstream EV adoption and/or acceptance than the $35,000 Nissan LEAF, and it’s also why a car like the Koenigsegg Gemera could be a watershed sort of thing for hyper-expensive, ultra-luxury Grand Tourers.

So, let’s talk about that tech, shall we? The range extending/ICE component of the Gemera is a 2.0L, 3-cylinder engine dubbed “the friendly giant,” or TFG. Koenigsegg calls it “future proof” thanks to a camless design that not only improves efficiency, emissions, and performance, but also means the car can — by design — run on virtually anything that’s flammable, including 2nd generation carbon-neutral biofuels.

Koenigsegg Freevalve Engine Tech

The TFG is mated to Koenigsegg’s unique, direct-drive transmission in a setup that, according to Koenigsegg, only “ultimate response from standstill to top speed in the form of a single gear direct drive at lower weight and higher efficiency than what any other hybrid solution can offer … during highway travel, for instance, the KDD reduces drivetrain losses compared to traditional transmissions or CVT by 3-5% as there is no step-up or step-down gear working in series with the final drive — just direct power from the engine to the wheels.”

Combined with the car’s powerful electric motors — well, I’ll let Koenigsegg tell you. From the official launch site, “Power output from the three motors – one for each rear wheel producing 500 bhp and 1000 Nm, and one E-motor on the crankshaft that produces an extra 400 bhp and 500 Nm to power the front wheels – add up to 1400 bhp as individuals and 1100 bhp when combined. In addition to the TFG’s 600 bhp (at 7500 rpm) and torque of 600 Nm (2000 rpm to 7000 rpm), the combined power output of the Gemera is 1700 bhp or 1.27 MW.”

You read that right. That’s one-thousand seven-hundred brake horsepower.

So, yeah. Expect the car to be fast. Like, stupid, ridiculously, “why even bother learning to spell ‘Lamborghini’?” levels of pants-crappingly fast. And, like, the fact that you can subject your whole family to that level of trauma in leather lined luxury? I dunno, man. That seems pretty kicka** to me.

If you agree (and you can afford it), you’d better act fast. Koenigsegg is limiting Gemera production to just 300 units, and the Swedes have a history of selling out their production runs. So, like, go get it. If you don’t agree, feel free to complain about the car having an ICE in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Koenigsegg Gemera | Hybrid GT (Official Photos)

Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera

Source | Images: Koenigsegg


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