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Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Giga Berlin Groundbreaking Ceremony Later This Month

March 2nd, 2020 by  

Elon Musk will be attending the Giga Berlin groundbreaking ceremony later this month, Armen Hareyan of Torque News indicates. In the Torque News video, Hareyan refers to another news article quoting Jorg Steinbach, Brandenburg’s Economic Minister, who said the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s fourth Gigafactory in Berlin will be scheduled in March.

Hareyan notes that Tesla has done a great job of quickly clearing the land in preparation for the groundbreaking, despite all of the setbacks and challenges that arose along the way.

Founder of Tesmanian, Vincent, who is also part of Third Row Tesla, was able to get confirmation directly from Elon Musk on Twitter that he would attend the groundbreaking ceremony. In an interview with FAZ, Steinback said, “We expect a groundbreaking project to happen in the second half of March. I would like Elon Musk to come back to Germany for this. This would be an important signal for the locals.” Tesmanian also reports that the Mayor of Grunheid suggested that the ceremony could occur by the end of March.

Tesla has shown that when it makes a mistake, it learns from that mistake quickly and is better for it. In 2018, Tesla suffered through “production hell” with the Model 3. In 2019, Tesla and China teamed up to build Gigafactory 3. Tesla built it so quickly that within one year from the groundbreaking ceremony in China, Tesla was already producing made-in-China Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla may have made some errors in 2018, but instead of blindly moving on without changing much and hoping for the best, Tesla stopped to figure out how to solve these problems. Elon Musk spent countless nights either on a couch, the floor, the vehicle production lines, the battery production lines, or wherever trying to solve this issue. He and the team at Tesla did it and today are applying those lessons learned.

The problem resulted in not only a solution but a new level of efficiency that is better for everyone working for Tesla as well as the competition. This shows what the attitude of resilience and perseverance despite intensive challenges and worries can do it if you truly set your mind to it. This will be reflected at Giga Berlin as well as it moves from blueprint papers into the real world. 

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