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Published on December 13th, 2019 | by Nicolas Zart


NIO Power & Xpeng Motors Team Up On Battery Charging Service

December 13th, 2019 by  

Two of my favorite electric vehicle (EV) startups are teaming up, and that is good news for the industry. NIO and Xpeng Motors are teaming up in China, and it should raise a sense of urgency in the West for more EV mobility companies to collaborate.

Xpeng Motors headquarter, Photo Nicolas Zart

When 2 Mobility Startups Band Together

What happens when two mobility startups get together is obvious: synergy, sharing of resources, and a growing mutual user pool at their disposition. NIO Power and Xpeng Motors are teaming to cooperate on battery charging services. According to the agreement, NIO EV owners will be able to use Xpeng superchargers across China’s 1st and 2nd-tier cities, while Xpeng EV drivers will be able to use NIO Power’s supercharging stations through the Xpeng APP. This is particularly good news for NIO and Xpeng drivers, as their charging choices will grow substantially.

As a service supplier, NIO Power will also be part of the Xpeng home charging service system. Further, NIO will provide Xpeng customers with home charging station installation services.

Nio ES6

XIAO Bin, Senior Vice President of Xpeng Motors, was quoted as saying: “Xpeng Motors is very pleased to work with NIO Power to expand charging facilities for our customers. As frontrunners in the smart electric vehicle manufacturing and services, Xpeng and NIO will continue to explore more efficient ways to optimize our customer experience. We are committed to providing the best customer experience and will continue to explore collaboration opportunities with other charging service providers.”

Earlier this year, Xpeng Motors announced a strategic partnership with TELD, a domestic operator that boasts China’s largest charging network and ecosystem. Xpeng EV owners can now access TELD’s 50,000 charging stations across 183 cities in the country. This partnership with TELD is helping Xpeng Motors reach its aim to build 200 supercharging stations across 30 cities in China. The company tells us that Xpeng customers also have access to over 100,000 third-party charging piles across the country.

Xpeng Motors Experience Center, Photo Nicolas Zart

What Can Other Mobility Players Learn From This Announcement?

Obviously, it’s time to kick collaborations between mobility startups into a higher gear. With increased collaborations, EV startups can work together to expand their services and bring electric mobility to the forefront of transportation. Tesla was the first to open up its charging patents, albeit for “fair play,” and no one ever took Tesla up on that. That was a good start, but we need more collaboration, much more, as EVs are slowly becoming mainstream.


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