Cleantech Talk

From Cloud to Carbon: Revolutionizing Product Development with PTC Arena, ProGlove, Yook

In a recent CleanTech Talk episode, I talked with Markus Fleckenstein, Director of Solution Consulting for Arena, a PTC Business; Varena Junge, co-founder of Yook; and Tim Klenner, Supply Chain Manager at ProGlove; about a partnership between these companies to cut supply chain emissions. By integrating Arena’s cloud-based PLM system with ProGlove’s solutions and also leveraging Yook’s carbon footprint analysis platform, the collaboration optimizes a company’s product lifecycle development. Confused? Listen to the podcast and read on.

Electrifying Construction Equipment — Volvo CE Deep Dive

We write and talk a lot here on CleanTechnica about the electric vehicle revolution, but we often focus on passenger EVs — cars and trucks normal consumers buy. There’s a whole world of heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial electric vehicles that get a bit less attention, but this market is growing. We recently interview Dr. Ray Gallant, Vice President of Sustainability and Productivity Services at Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), as well as Volvo CE’s Tora Leifland, Head of Public Affairs, and Daniel Black, Product Manager, to further dive into this world in a three-part podcast series.

Cutting Scope 3 Emissions with Software & the Zeigo Network

In another recent CleanTech Talk podcast, CleanTechnica spoke with Dave Rimkus, Associate Director of Supply Chain Renewables at Schneider Electric, and Vishnu Nair, Head of Operations for Zeigo Activate, about cutting Scope 3 emissions and decarbonizing corporations. According to Deloitte’s Sustainability Action Report, 86% of companies reported challenges just measuring … [continued]