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Published on August 31st, 2019 | by Jake Richardson


Electric Porsche 912 With Tesla Motor (Video + Interview)

August 31st, 2019 by  

The Porsche 912 and 911 are classic cars some people go nuts over — the attachment may seem irrational, but it’s still quite real. (The same is true of a number of different Porsche models.) The fact that a 1968 912 can be converted to all-electric status with a Tesla motor only makes it that much sweeter. The look and feel are still Porsche, but the tech is more powerful and is quieter. Also, since it runs on electricity, polluting fossil fuels can be avoided.

Image Credit: Zelectric Motors

So, what are some of the specs on this 1968 Porsche coupe?

— Tesla 400 kW Model S drive unit
— LG Chem 32 kWh battery pack
— J1772 chargeport
— Elephant racing suspension.

Michael Bream, from EV West, answered some questions about the car for CleanTechnica.

Why did you choose to convert a Porsche 912 to electric and how long did the process take?

This was the customer’s vehicle. The Porsche platform is great for conversions since the motors are temperamental and the vehicle is expensive and well-loved, so it deserves better.


Where did you get the motor and batteries?

We get motors and batteries directly from the manufacturer, as well as the second-hand market.

Once a gas-powered car has been converted to electric, about how many fewer moving parts does it have?

You’d have to tell me how many moving parts are in a gas engine first. Honestly, I don’t think anyone converts their car for less moving parts. Typical reasons are the instant torque, reliability, and clean power.

How much easier is the maintenance?

Much easier. There is almost no maintenance.

What is the range of the electric 912?

We build them with different sized batteries. A typical 912 can go about 100–200 miles, depending on pack size.

Are you going to have an electric conversion kit for 912s and 911s?

Yes, we currently offer this.

What about for Jaguars like the XK-E?

Currently in the works, as we are bringing in an E type early next year.

How much interest are you seeing in converting vintage and classic cars to electric?

Tons. We are booked out 4 years.

Do you personally drive an all-electric or hybrid vehicle for your daily driver?

Yes, I have been daily driving electrics for about 8 years now, and do all of my personal charging from solar. Same at the shop.

Image Credit: Zelectric Motors 


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