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Published on April 21st, 2019 | by Dr. Maximilian Holland


Tesla Model 3 Standard Range — 1st Video Overview

April 21st, 2019 by  

The base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range recently started getting delivered in the US and expert EV reviewer Alex Dykes (“Alex on Autos”) received his personal vehicle just this weekend. Alex gives us a quick tour of the interior and finds that the trim, features, and materials appear to be largely the same as the Standard Range Plus version.

Alex tells us that the blue paint option was only charged at $1,000 extra in the end, rather than the $1,500 list price when he originally placed the order. His vehicle has power seats and appears to have the same audio speaker grill placement that the Standard Range Plus model has. A pair of entry keycards are included.

The climate control vents, the dashboard wood trim, and the upholstery appear to all be the same as on the Standard Range Plus. Alex does note that the maps/navigation display appears to be slightly different from what is on the Standard Range Plus, but plans to thoroughly investigate this in a more thorough follow-up video.

The EPA range of the base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is of course software limited to the official 216 miles, in contrast to the 240 miles (EPA) of the Standard Range Plus. Tesla has made it clear that the base model can be upgraded to the same specs as the Standard Range Plus model by a software update at any time. The upgrade boosts the range as well as upgrading the maps/navigation.

Overall, it’s good to see that Tesla has decided to make the base $35,000 version of the vehicle very attractive, with essentially the same interior as the Standard Range Plus. You can still order the $35,000 base vehicle by speaking to staff in a Tesla store or by calling Tesla customer service.

Having said all of that, for most people, it will still make sense to stretch to the Standard Range Plus, because the 10% extra range, better navigation, and the inclusion of Tesla’s Autopilot software are well worth the additional $4,500. It’s worth noting too that you will get much of that upgrade money back in your pocket when you sell the vehicle in the future.

Now that leasing options are available, this makes the Model 3 accessible to a lot of folks, and you can start saving money immediately on the eradicated weekly fuel fill-up costs! Talking of fill-ups, if you are ordering a Model 3, make sure you use a referral code to get some free Supercharging. Feel free to use CleanTechnica’shttp://ts.la/tomasz7234

Take a look at Alex’s quick overview video below, and stay tuned to his YouTube channel for more information and reviews about the base Tesla Model 3 in the coming days:

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