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Published on September 22nd, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Electric Tractors FTW … BMW 3/4 Series Sales Drop … Tesla Pickup … (#CleanTechnica Top 20)

September 22nd, 2018 by  

The top 20 CleanTechnica articles of the past week were a wild bunch, with much love for an electric tractor story, a BMW gasmobile sales slump, Tesla Pickup speculation, and much more. Have a look:

  1. Electric Tractors Have Advantages Over Diesels
  2. US BMW 3 & 4 Series Sales Roll Down Hill
  3. Can Tesla Crack The Truck Market With An Electric Pickup Truck?
  4. Everyone Loves Their EV
  5. Bifacial Solar Panels + Solar Trackers — Do They Have A Future? (#CleanTechnica Exclusive, Part 2)
  6. Nearly 400 Investors With $32 Trillion In Assets Step Up Climate Action To Support Paris Agreement
  7. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range vs. Best of the Rest – Which Affordable EV to Choose?
  8. 165 Tesla Headlines, 81 Negative & 39 Positive — #Pravduh About #Tesla
  9. Solar Diverters Can Supply Solar Hot Water From A Rooftop Array, Without Adding Any Extra Plumbing
  10. How To Run The Model 3 Through An Automated Carwash
  11. Audi e-tron SUV vs. Tesla Model X → Just The Facts, Ma’am
  12. 10 Years After 1st Car, Tesla Production Rate = 300,000–400,000* Cars A Year — still hot
  13. 10 Nasty Tesla Model 3 Charts
  14. More German Cities Ban Older Diesels, & BMW Tells America: “No Diesels For You!”
  15. New Tesla Roadster vs. Bugatti Chiron — Nasty — still hot
  16. Bloomberg On Tesla — #Pravduh Gone Wild
  17. Chrysler Schedules Portal Electric Minivan For 2020 Production
  18. How Tesla & Elon Musk Inspired Me To Start An Electric Vehicle Company
  19. CARB Applauds Tesla Model 3 Sales Surge. Bob Lutz Predicts Tesla’s Demise Within Two Years.
  20. 8 New Tesla Shuttle Routes Open In US Northeast


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