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Published on August 31st, 2018 | by Jake Richardson


2019 Chevy Volt Gets Faster Charging & Convenience Upgrades

August 31st, 2018 by  

GM recently announced the recharging time for the 2019 Chevy Volt is cut almost in half by a new 7.2 kW charging system. The vehicle also received some enhancements for driver convenience. Chris Boman, product manager for the Volt, answered some questions about the new upgrades for CleanTechnica.

The new charging system cuts the charging time almost in half, is that for a standard 240 V charger? 

The charging rate applies to 240 volt/32 amp charging level.

Is it compatible with fast chargers, and if so, how much is the charging time cut? 

No, the 2019 Volt is not compatible with DC Fast Chargers.

How can a driver set the automatic engine-assisted heating system to reduce electricity consumption during cold temperatures?

The 2019 Volt offers two settings for the automatic engine-assisted heating system – On and Deferred. Customers can switch between the two options in the vehicle’s settings menu. If the automatic engine-assisted heating system is in the deferred mode, the system will not turn on until much lower temperatures – minus 13 degrees F / minus 25 degrees C.

How does a driver set the new Low and Regen on Demand profiles? 

A driver can activate the Low profile, by shifting the vehicle into Low mode with the shift lever when driving. In Low mode when the driver lifts their foot off of the accelerator, the vehicle will start to slow without using the brake, which means less energy is wasted and more energy is captured and transferred back to the battery. ReGen on Demand is activated with a simple pull of the paddle on the back of the steering wheel. Again, this feature allows the driver to slow down without using the brake pedal and convert the energy captured into electricity that then transfers back to the battery.

Does the new Energy App provide MPG in real-time? Does it record historical driving data so you can see efficiency trends? 

Yes, the Energy App does provide MPG and MPGe in real-time. As with the previous model year, the Volt records driving style, terrain, weather conditions and cabin comfort settings so driver’s can see how these factors impact range and help predict remaining EV range based on the battery’s state of charge.

Do you have an estimate of the number of 2019 Volts you expect to sell? 

I can’t comment on expected sales but Chevrolet does expect Volt to remain competitive and attract new buyers to the segment.

Image Credit: GM 
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