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Published on July 23rd, 2018 | by Jose Pontes


Tesla Has A Record Month In The Netherlands (#CleanTechnica Report)

July 23rd, 2018 by  

The Netherlands saw 2,309 electric vehicle (PEV) registrations in June, up 141% compared to the same month last year, pulling the year-to-date count to 9,074 units (+131%) and the 2018 share up to 3.6%. The PEV market share reached 4.9% in June, the country’s best result in 18 months.

Tesla’s usual last-month-of-quarter peak last month had a bit of extra help as well, it seems. Due to Tesla’s desire to keep US registrations below 200,000 in the US, the EV carmaker focused Model S & X deliveries on overseas markets, and the Dutch market was one that profited the most, with both the Model S (650 units) and the Model X (475) shattering their previous records. That is a feat even more astounding in the case of the Model S, considering that the nameplate already has 5 years of history in the Netherlands. In all, Tesla delivered a record 1,125 units last month, outselling Audi(!) in that same period.

The new generation of the Nissan LEAF is doing wonders for that model as well. It has received its fourth consecutive 200-something registration month. To close out the top 5, the BMW i3 ended the month in 4th, with 156 units, its best result in 30 months, and the VW e-Golf was 5th, with 144 deliveries.

1Tesla Model S650
2Tesla Model X475
3Nissan Leaf251
4BMW i3156
5VW e-Golf144

Looking at the 2018 ranking, the Nissan Leaf did what it had been threatening lately, surpassing the VW e-Golf and reaching the runner-up status. If the German automaker wants to keep the podium position and race the Japanese hatchback for the best selling affordable BEV (fully electric car) title, it will need to step up production.

Profiting from the unusual high tide in June, the Tesla Model X climbed to #4 and now has its headlights set on the VW e-Golf rear, so we could see a Tesla 1–2–3 ranking by next September.

The Renault Zoe recovered one place, climbing to #7 thanks to 130 units (a year best), while the Mini Countryman PHEV jumped two spots, to #13, thanks to 24 registrations, its best performance in a year.

But the leadership in the PHEV League continues to belong to the Porsche Panamera PHEV, with 220 registrations (36 in June) and sitting at #9 in the PEV ranking. Although, the best seller of the month was the surprising Hyundai Ioniq PHEV, which finally made its official debut in this market with 55 registrations, leaping to #14. Was this a one-time thing, or will the efficient Korean hatchback replicate these numbers in the coming months, making some waves in the PHEV league?

Elsewhere, we welcome in #18 the BMW i8, back on the best sellers list thanks to 15 units registered in June. If we go back a few years, the BMW sports car was the second plug-in model (the first was the Tesla Model S) to go head to head with its ICE competition, so we wish all the best for the second coming of the i8. Last month it was the second best seller in the sports car class, only behind the eternal Porsche 911 (58 units).

In the manufacturers ranking, Tesla (31%, up 7%) is far ahead in the lead, with Volkswagen (13%, down 2%) being surpassed by the new #2 Nissan (14%, down 1%). Hyundai and BMW, both with 10%, are off the podium but waiting for an opportunity to join the top 3.

NetherlandsJuneYTDPEV Market Share
1Tesla Model S6501,76319%
2Nissan Leaf2511,24214%
3VW e-Golf1441,18013%
4Tesla Model X4751,04512%
5Hyundai Ioniq Electric1017979%
6BMW i31566417%
7Renault Zoe1305616%
8Opel Ampera-e755246%
9Porsche Panamera PHEV362202%
10Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV121402%
11Volvo XC60 PHEV311321%
12BMW 530e271111%
13Mini Countryman PHEV24681%
14Hyundai Ioniq PHEV55571%
15Smart Forfour ED12561%
16BMW 330e12551%
17Toyota Prius PHEV7531%
18BMW i815370%
19Volvo XC90 PHEV8330%
20VW e-Up!6300%

Source: RAI Vereniging

Regular Hybrids + Plug-in Vehicle Ranking

ModelJune Sales
1Tesla Model S650
2Toyota Yaris Hybrid618
3Kia Niro HEV580
4Tesla Model X475
5Toyota C-HR Hybrid469

If we add regular hybrids to plug-ins, the Tesla flood was so big in June that the Model S managed to outsell all hybrid models on the market, while the Model X also joined the ranking in 4th.

In this Tesla vs hybrid electric vehicles edition, the resisting hybrids were the Toyota Yaris Hybrid in 2nd, being the only Toyota in the podium, followed by the #3 Kia Niro Hybrid and the #5 Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

Tesla Model S vs Non-Electrics

Model2018 Sales  
1BMW 5-Series 2050
2Tesla Model S  1761
3Volvo S/V901187
4Mercedes E-Class983
5Audi A6698

With the Model S profiting from the quarter-end deliveries peak, it doubled deliveries of the #2 BMW 5-Series in June, so it’s best to see the full year sales for this matchup. So far in 2018, the Tesla Model S is second only to the BMW 5-Series, with the remaining competition being far behind.

Tesla Model X vs. Non-Electrics

Model2018 Sales
1Tesla Model X1042
2Volvo XC90533
3LR Range Rover Sport190
4BMW X5189
4Porsche Cayenne145

Big SUVs had a big hit with the end of PHEV incentives, and only the Volvo XC90 manages to still have significant sales. But looking at full-year registrations, there’s really no competition for the American Sports-Minivan-SUV


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