The New GenZe e-201 E-Bike — Connectivity Is The Name of The Game (Part 2)

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New GenZe e-201 E-BikeIn part one of this GenZe e-201 review, I looked at the overall design of the new GenZe e-201 e-bike, what has changed, and what hasn’t. In this part, I focus on the app and the ride feel.

The New Genze e-201 E-Bike App

As we mentioned before, if you’ve never had the opportunity to ride the electric scooter (e-scooter) from GenZe, go get on a Genze 2.0 today. This e-scooter will give you an idea of what an electric scooter should be like. But pay attention to its connectivity and its app as well. Years ago, it was designed to bring you a seamless connected life. And if someone tried to steal it, it would let you know. With a GPS onboard, tracking that GenZe 2.0 was easy, as was seeing the state of the electric vehicle (EV).

Now imagine that same app for the new electric bicycle (e-bike), the e-201, and you can see GenZe has done its homework well. The app will monitor the health of the battery and allow you to plan your trips.

The interface is nicely designed and elegant. The first page will give you an estimate of your range as well as what pedal assist mode you are using.

The New Genze e-201

The following page is for trips and will locate your e-201 as well as help plan where you would like to go.

The New Genze e-201

The diagnostic page is self-explanatory.

The New Genze e-201

The activity page is split into your activity and that of fellow e-201 riders. It will give you the speed on your e-bike as well as distance.

The New Genze e-201

Finally, the last page is the general information, displaying your battery state of charge, the odometer, as well as an intriguing efficiency Wh per mile and average speed. It will also display the average distance and your next servicing.

The New Genze e-201

A drop-down menu on the first page will let you access the registration, Star Activity, Track my GenZe, language preference, as well as feedback and settings.

The e-201 has a place where you can hook your smartphone on the handlebar mount, plug it into the USB charger, and turn on Bluetooth. It will display all of this information while you ride.

The GenZe e-201 Ride & Feel

If you’ve already ridden the e-101 or e-102, the 201/202 series won’t surprise you at all. The triangle and step-through frames are designed by Terry Duncan.

New GenZe e-201 E-Bike

The frame design is unique, as you can see from the pictures. Although it resembles a traditional mountain frame, it extends the joint sections to a flat surface. It makes for a decidedly different aesthetic that should please those in search of something a little different. The one we have is the e-201, the triangle frame, which feels a little stiffer than the original e-101. From the get-go, the ergonomic handlebars really make a difference on longer rides. The Selle Royal seat is also a welcome addition and is very well cushioned. It should please most city riders.

As we mentioned above, the e-assist is linear and smooth, perhaps more so than the original. This is something many casual riders will like, but we feel those in search of more electric adrenaline might feel left hungry. And for those, we’re happy to say the electric throttle option delivers the full amount of torque the 350W motor can deliver while you can pedal.

Since nothing is ever ever perfect for everyone, because we all have different tastes and needs, GenZe mapped its electric assist (e-assist) in a very conservative way. This means you will feel a little lag before the e-201 kicks into life. This is understandable since the e-bike is meant for casual riders and also first-time electric bike riders. However, we feel the lag could be reduced somewhat in order to take off faster at intersections that require you to move quickly out of the way.

Another nagging design quirk we found is that the LCD display on the e-bike is difficult to see. That’s why most will opt for their connected smartphone on the handlebar, plugged into the USB charger. But then again, we’re splitting hairs here.

Besides that, the e-bike feels stable at any speed — thank you, Ralph. We’ve had a lot of fun swinging it into corners while in electric mode and enjoying a zig-zag on empty roads.

Overall, the New GenZe E-201 is a Solid Player

The new GenZe e-201 is a solid player in this field. Although, its price is slightly higher than the original — it starts out at $1,899 and climbs up to $1,963.94 with the lock and light. It is available at certain Best Buy stores and you can always check GenZe’s website to configure and find one near you.

We’ve liked our original e-101 e-bike and have had no problems with it. We are sure the same will be true of this new GenZe e-201 e-bike.

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