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Published on November 11th, 2017 | by Nicolas Zart


The New genZe e-201 Electric Bike — Connectivity Is The Name of The Game (CleanTechnica Review Part I)

November 11th, 2017 by  

New GenZe e-201 E-BikeIt’s been a while since we’ve heard and talked about the genZe electric bicycles (e-bikes), and the company has since released the followup to its e-101, the e-201. The new genZe e-201 e-Bike is out and connectivity is the name of game.

genZe E-201 Electric Bike — Connectivity First

genZe is a Mahindra company and has a well thought out electric scooter, the genZe 2.0, as well as electric bicycles (e-bikes). The new genZe e-bike e-201 is the successor to the e-101. And as with the first model, the e-201 aims straight for a bike rider’s connected life with updated features. The e-201 was specifically designed to be used with the company’s smartphone app. It also now has a mount for your phone and a USB charger. genZe is aiming for an ever-connected life.

Using Bluetooth and your smartphone will let you plan various routes and tweak how much effort you will put into the e-bike, as well as what you will get out of a ride.

New GenZe e-201 E-BikegenZe kept the removable and integrated battery, as well as its locking feature. It sports a 36V Li-ion battery pack rated at 9.6Ah. A full charge takes 3.5 hours on a level 1, 110V outlet.

This time around, genZe decided to use an integrated backlight and color LCD display nestled on the top part of the V frame. You can check the information you would come to expect — speed, battery life, and the 5 different ride modes. On that last subject, we’ve come to appreciate discussion as to how many ride assist modes one needs. Three would be a minimum for us and 5 to 6 a good middle ground. However, we understand those living in steeper riding areas might welcome 9 to 10 modes, as they would come in handy on longer rides.

New GenZe e-201 E-Bike

What’s Different About the genZe e-201?

The most notable difference between the original e-101 and the e-201 is the frame design. The other notable difference is that the e-201 graduates from a 250W electric hub motor to 350W, while it continues to use the same Samsung battery pack used in the e-101.

There is a notable difference in riding the e-101 and the e-201. A side-by-side comparison showed the e-201 out-accelerates the e-101, as you would imagine. But we also found the delivery to be smoother. Overall, we found the electric assist of the e-201 to be much smoother and constant compared to the original e-101. The latter would give you a much more pronounced boost, which we can understand would not be to everyone’s taste.

The e-201 bike can be ordered in white or black. It comes in an 18 or 16 inch size.

New GenZe e-201 E-Bike

genZe also offers the following accessories included in the e-201: an OnGuard BullDog LS U-Lock with Bracket (4.5 x 11″) and a Planet Bike Beamer 3 Headlight. This is something we welcome seeing in modern e-bikes, in which security seems too often to be more of an afterthought.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the weight. The e-201 still weighs in at 46 lb, the same as the previous e-bike. The five ride modes also haven’t changed, offering to extend the range but also adjust your speed. One thing we are still happy to see is that genZe is continuing its full throttle mode delivering an electric ride with no pedaling. Hey, it’s fun when you’re tired and just want to get home.

Just as with the original version, the e-201 comes in two flavors — the 201 and 202 frames. The 201 is the traditional “mountain bike” design with a diamond-like shape. The 202 will allow a step into the e-bike and not from above the frame. Ultimately, if you ride to work with a dress, the e-202 is a given.

The genZe e-201 App Is All About Connectivity

The big new item is the app. It measures the amount of effort you put into pedaling and how much assistance you need from the 350W electric motor. What genZe wanted to do here is to adapt its well thought out e-scooter app to monitor the e-201 and e-202 electric bikes as well. If you haven’t heard of or seen the genZe e-scooter, it is a great and thoughtful electric scooter with security and connectivity designed around it. We’ll cover this scooter very soon here on CleanTechnica.

The app lets you track the e-bike location using GPS, as well as the battery charge.

genZe offers a 24-month warranty on the battery and an 18-month/1,800 mile warranty on the parts and frame for the original e-101 series. It bumps it up for the 200 series puts a 2-year warranty on the frame, drivetrain, and battery.

Stay tune for a closer look at the app and the ride feel.

New GenZe e-201 E-Bike



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