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Published on October 10th, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla*7 … Energy Storage In Oz … E-bike Reviews (Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week)

October 10th, 2017 by  

The most popular stories of the past week here on CleanTechnica were absolutely full of news about Fiat Chrysler leadership in the electric vehicle + energy storage + solar energy market. Oh, no, whoops — it was Tesla this week, not Fiat Chrysler. Though, the legacy automaker did land high on the list with one story.

Check out the full top 20 list here (click the titles to open the stories):

  1. Tesla & Elon Musk Shock Australia — Superfast Energy Storage Installation — via Renew Economy
  2. There Is An Epic Battle Happening Between Musk & The Tesla Haters — via EV Annex
  3. Electric Cars Are A Global Threat, Says Marchionne — via Gas2
  4. Tesla Keeps Crushing, Chevy Bolt Keeps Climbing, Nissan LEAF Hangs In (US Electric Sales Report)
  5. This Is Why Tesla Stock Is Going To $950 — via EV Annex
  6. Tesla’s Internal Communication Protocol Enables It To Compete With Big Auto — via EV Annex
  7. Tesla Continues To Impress In Australia — Biggest Powerpack Installation & Biggest Powerwall Installation — via EV Annex
  8. Hurricanes Clear The Way For Tesla To Power Puerto Rico & The Caribbean
  9. Reusing EV Batteries For Household Storage With Australian Company Relectrify — via RenewEconomy
  10. Electric Vehicles Will Drive A $5 Trillion Transition — via
  11. Will The Model 3 Be Tesla’s iPhone Moment? — via EV Annex
  12. Is The Jetson Adventure E-Bike Perfect?
  13. Price Of Solar Panels Keeps Falling In The Netherlands
  14. China Study Warns Of Impending Oil Production Peak & World Oil Market Squeeze, + Peak Recoverable Coal ~2020
  15. All-Electric Alcraft GT — Another 300 Mile, Powerful Electric Car
  16. Nissan LEAF Replacement Battery Cost = $5,499 — via Gas2
  17. The EV Transition Could Mirror The Horse To Model T Transition — via EV Annex
  18. Shell Working On “Smart” EV Charging To Even Out Grid Demand, Exec Says
  19. Big Auto’s Latest Bait & Switch Hustle Is “Electrified” Vs Fully Electric Cars — via EV Annex
  20. World’s First Solar Powered Indoor Vertical Farm Comes To Philadelphia

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