7 Tesla Model 3 Videos, First Impressions From OCDetailing — The Wide Open Sky, Touchscreen, Minimalism

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A series of videos by Joe Torbati & OCDetailing of the new Model 3 left an impressive impression of the freshest Tesla EV to roll off the lines, a car that is receiving perhaps unprecedented attention. Hope and expectations are that it may become as familiar as the Toyota Camry was in its prime.

Immediately, I like the Tesla Model 3 videos from OCDetailing, which offers one of the first peeks into the real-world Model 3 experience.

The jazzy intro music highlights the light and reflection of Model 3’s overhead glass roof and how it opens you up to the sky. Yes, Elon Musk’s romantic side has considered that you may want to watch the full moon or meteor showers above while leaning back in your Model 3. Anyone who designs a car with the sky in mind has my vote as the top automaker on the planet. I’m attached to my Nissan LEAF, but wow, I’m changing.

Torbati initially points out that the wheels on the pleasantly red Tesla Model 3 in the video allow 10% range increase. “Something to consider.” For sure.

The Torbati goes on to point out that this Model 3 is similar to the Model S in terms of cameras and sensors. “I’m fairly convinced,” he says, “this car was meant to drive people around by itself.”

Torbati relates that the Model 3 has a Porsche-like feel. He also reports that the Model 3 feels like it sits slightly higher than a Model S. “It is not as busy as a Model S. … Clean look.” The trunk is large. It is a trunk that will fit 4 sets of golf clubs, etc.

The Model 3 still has an electronic door — although different than the Model S door handle, which pops out on its own — and a semi-keyless lock (until you hook up your smartphone and have a fully keyless lock). From the video, as Joe holds the card to unlock the Model 3, it seems similar to a bank card or a hotel card. The driver has to put it near a certain spot on the car.

It appears the Model 3 engenders a certain relaxing Zen with its minimalism, which Joe brings up at multiple times. Looking at the stars could become a pastime, particularly in an all-electric car with no engine noise or carcinogenic fumes. Or perhaps we will become accustomed to looking up at the sky when the car is driving itself around.

“Seriously, an open car — perfect for watching a meteor shower.” Or a full moon. Or many moons.

The Model 3 has some manual pluses for safety, such as an actual manual door release if the battery goes dead and/or the electronic door release isn’t functioning.

Complaints?! OCD hesitatingly mentions one of my complaints about many cars — a plastic component that seems to break up the otherwise interior. “Gloss black. I hate this. It doesn’t take much to make it look bad.”

A few more details: There are vents that open and close automatically all along the dash of the minimalist Model 3. The frunk sports a carry bag and charger. In Valet mode, you can keep the frunk locked.

Check out the 7 videos above and let us know what details caught your attention!

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