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Published on September 1st, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


The Nissan Switch Scheme Is A Sublime Offer, An Affordable One

September 1st, 2017 by  

It is always time to stop air pollution. It is always time to drive zero-emissions electric vehicles. Nissan is yet again making that easier to do.

Encouraging consumers to decide it’s now time to make the switch from a petrol or diesel car to an EV, Nissan is offering UK customers up to £2,000 plus trade-in value on their old vehicles to switch into a 100% electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF. The LEAF is the UK’s best-selling electric car, and part of that is thanks to a starting price of just £100 a month. Add in the fuel and maintenance savings that come from a reliable LEAF, and the story gets even rosier.

Further discounts are available for people driving older (less efficient) vehicles — up to £5,000, plus the car’s trade-in value. “From 1st to 30th September, drivers of eligible vehicles registered before the end of 2009 with a pre-Euro V engine can trade-in their car or LCV at participating Nissan dealerships to receive up to £5,000, plus trade-in value for their current car, off a new Nissan model. Or they can receive up to £2,000 plus vehicle trade-in value off an approved-used Nissan LEAF 24kWh.”

Have you been on the line, considering whether to go electric now or wait longer? Go ahead and upgrade to clean electric transport with this new offer! (Well, assuming you are a UK resident.) Here are more details from Nissan:

“Thanks to the Switch Scheme, Nissan LEAF ownership has never been more accessible. Payments on a three-year 3.9% APR PCP can be lower than £100 a month for a used LEAF 24kWh with trade-in value and Nissan Switch Scheme contribution. A free Home Charging Unit worth £279 is also provided in the offer.

“The Nissan LEAF 24kWh delivers a driving range of up to 124miles (NEDC) with running costs from just 2p a mile*. Other benefits to owning an all-electric vehicle include £0 annual VED, lower maintenance costs compared to combustion-engine vehicles, and London Congestion Charge exemption. For somebody living outside the congestion zone but driving into it five days a week, each week of the year, this could mean an annual saving of over £2,500.”

The Switch Scheme makes it easier than ever before to transition to 100% electric Nissan LEAF ownership. If you’re in the UK and not driving electric yet, consider it.

Head on over to the Nissan press release for more details.

“Since 2010, Nissan has pioneered and led the charge for widespread electric vehicle adoption. As we ready to unveil the all-new Nissan LEAF, a car that will convert many more thousands of motorists to all-electric driving, we’re launching a new campaign to encourage drivers of older vehicles to make the switch to cleaner electric power;” commented Alex Smith, Managing Director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. “Nissan’s campaign isn’t just about new cars. We’re including our latest efficient conventionally-powered models, but uniquely we’re delivering an attractive trade-in offer on our stock of approved-used all-electric LEAFs.”

Take my advice — take that EV out for a spin. Enjoy the ease and the smooth nature of the LEAF. The fluid ambiance and the sublime quietude that comes with a zero-emissions electric vehicle is worth it. Or wait and get the 2018 Nissan LEAF with e-Pedal and ProPilot, the Tesla Model 3, or another electric.

Or check out the most affordable electric cars on the UK market.

Via one electric or another, make the switch to clean air!

Chart via our 93-page 2017 electric car report.

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