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Published on August 27th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


Cheapest Electric Cars (Total Cost of Ownership) In UK

August 27th, 2017 by  

As the electric vehicle (EV) sector rapidly continues to expand, data experts cap hpi have looked at the total cost of ownership (TCO) to acknowledge the electric cars with the lowest motoring costs in the UK. Cap hpi examined used EVs for this, first posing the question, “Once all the servicing, fuel and other motoring costs are taken into account, which EV cars perform the best?” The following are the cheapest electric cars to run in the UK.

The Citröen C-Zero hatchback boasts the lowest total cost of ownership, at £18,319 (£508.86 per month), making it the best value used electric vehicle currently on the market. (Note: We searched for an average TCO for all types of cars in the UK but couldn’t find one.)

Hot on its heels however is the Peugeot Ion hatchback … which is actually the same car as the above but with different branding. It has a TCO of £18,489 (£513.58 per month), according to cap hpi.

By the way, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the US version of this car, but it was just discontinued.

Next is the Volkswagen e-up! hatchback, with a TCO of £19,080 (£530 per month), followed by the Hyundai Ioniq hatchback, which has a TCO of £20,632 (£573.11 per month), and the Renault Zoe hatchback, with a TCO of £20,817 (£578.25 per month).

The Tesla Model S hatchback and Model X hatchback/SUV have a TCO of £43,027 and £53,279 (£1195.19 and £1492.47 per month), respectively.

Chris Plumb, Black Book editor at cap hpi, said: “Over 60,000 new [alternative fuel vehicles] have joined Britain’s roads so far this year. The overall used market for electric vehicles has seen gains with residual values increasing by 7 percent this year.”

The prices and values here are hopeful guides to encourage more growth. It may be time to switch from a gas/diesel car to an electric. Leave behind the heavy technology of a petrol car for the smooth drive and ride in a superior EV. Save for yourself, save pure air, and while you are enjoying the smoother transport of an EV, feel your conscience and shoulders relax. Plumb continues:

“As consumer interest in electric vehicles continues to soar now could be a good time to consider switching to a used EV. The market for alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) saw a record market share of 4.4% in June with more than 10,700 hitting the roads, a rise of 29.0%. EVs and plug-in hybrids can provide a good balance between range and efficiency plus the economic benefits for motorists can be enormous, offering big savings on fuel and tax costs as well as much lower maintenance costs.”

Need more reasons? Here are CleanTechnica’s 30 reasons your next car should be electric.

And here’s a look at July’s and this year’s electric car sales in Europe:

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