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Published on June 21st, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


More Oxygen With Go To-U Electric Car Charging Network

June 21st, 2017 by  

Exploring the bright website of Ukraine’s Go To-U EV charging network, I wandered into the website of one of its partners, e-space, and read: “More oxygen to the city!” The people and the businesses such as Go To-U and e-space that are working to clean the air in our cities are focused on something completely sensible that we too often overlook. E-space’s “More Oxygen to the City” campaign is timely and poignant. Adults need clean air. Children need clean air. Human life relies on clean air. E-space is doing its part by helping to roll out electric vehicle charging stations and promote EV awareness and enthusiasm.

But let’s get back to Go To-U, whose co-founder and CEO, Nazar Shymone-Davyda, will be presenting and participating in panel + audience discussions at our coming Cleantech Revolution Tour conference in Berlin. To-U is also doing its part to increase EV charging infrastructure and grow EV awareness and adoption, but it has an innovative approach. It is actually the world’s largest free-to-use EV charging network, according to the company, because of how it structures its business model.

  • The biggest free to use EV charging network
  • Fast and easy access to the charging stations
  • Mobile application To-U with navigation, current usage status and reservation of charging station features
  • Bonus program and presents from Partners

Go To-U continues, “Book the time-slot to charge your car at the most convenient time”

“Our aim is to make the usage of electric vehicle easy and comfortable. … To-U takes your charging experience to a new level: Find the closest charging station and plan the trip; Book the time-slot to charge your car at the most convenient time; Enjoy your spare time, using our Partner’s facilities while your car is charging; Receive bonuses and exchange them for gifts.” More details:

  • KEBA chargers, made in Austria with 2-year warranty
  • Certified by major producers of EVs
  • Power up to 22 kW suitable for all types of electric vehicles.
  • Possibility of booking in advance

To-U’s charging stations don’t include unicorn smiles, but they do offer the benefit of free charging, which is essentially covered by partner companies that want your business. It seems to make sense — businesses get more patrons, EV drivers get a place to charge and free electricity!

CleanTechnica applauds all EV charging infrastructure, but To-U’s approach seems interesting. Does its system improve charging convenience, reliability, and accessibility? It’s a question we’ll be sure to ask in Berlin. In the meantime, here’s what over 2,000 EV drivers from 28 countries (26 European countries, 49 US states, and 9 Canadian provinces) told us they thought about their EV charging networks (charts from CleanTechnica’s 2nd EV report).

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