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Published on June 16th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


EasyCharge.me — Making Charging Easy (Fully Charged Video)

June 16th, 2017 by  

Need a charge? Just swing the arm of a LEVIAMP down from the ceiling and plug in your electric car. It seems so easy and logical, yet took till now for the invention to come to fruition. With the desire to create a nice-looking charging station that tucks away well, Artur Sychov, recently invented the device and founded EasyCharge.me.

Artur will be a presenter and panelist at our upcoming Cleantech Revolution Tour conference, but we also ran across a great “Fully Charged” video of what he has created that seemed worth a story itself.

I drive an EV and, yes, finding a charger on the ceiling is not the norm — yet! It makes more sense when you consider the physical space needs of normal chargers and the potential for tripping over cords. It seems this should be the norm in parking garages, if not home garages. Watch this “Fully Charged” episode for more on how the new charging device looks and works, or jump down below it for a further description in text:

Instead of stuffing all the EV chargers at the complete end of a parking garage — where there are walls — this is a simple solution to what previously seemed like a most complicated problem. But the out-of-the way and easy-to-use benefits of the LEVIAMP are not the full story.

Sychov does not want your EV to be ICE’d. As an EV driver, he knows how frustrating that is. The LEVIAMP can project the image of an EV on the parking space and make the “Electric Vehicles Only” notification more alive (and one would presume less likely to be violated). It can even project something like “Reserved for CleanTechnica Reader” or “Reserved for Robert Llewellyn” on the parking space.

Artur Sychov does intend for this unique EV charging station to discourage gas cars from blocking EV charging spots … until the day when there are no more ICE vehicle to worry about.

The hanging charger also has a camera on it. So, it also works as a security measure. I am sure these EasyCharge.me chargers will discourage people driving gas cars from parking in an obvious charging spot — as the camera above may snap a picture to reveal someone who needs a ticket.

It’s a simple yet smart solution to a quite complicated problem.

Enjoy EasyCharge.me Founder and CEO Artur Sychov’s thoughts and learn more about the LEVIAMP in person at the Cleantech Revolution Tour that is coming to Berlin and Wroclaw in 10 days! (Get tickets now if you haven’t yet.) Here’s a quick summary of the conference plan from Zach’s article the other day:

On June 27, early birds can engage in informal networking and plant the seeds of two conference end products (figuratively, not literally).

On June 28, a full day of presentations and panel + audience discussions (which will be a core focus this year due to their popularity in the first 3 conferences) is planned at Ahoy Berlin. At the end of all that, attendees joining the conference in Wroclaw as well can book a seat in a Tesla Shuttle or jet over to Wroclaw via their own means.

On June 29, there’s another full day of panel discussions and presentations, this time at Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum in the center of Wroclaw, but there are also a couple of in-depth workshops. These workshops don’t pop up out of the blue — rather, short feedback activities through the two days of presentations and panel discussions will feed into them.

Check out more information here or just get a ticket here (note that CleanTechnica Facebook fans can register using the $19/day rate).

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