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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by Steve Hanley


New Tesla Model 3 Interior Video & Spy Shots

June 18th, 2017 by  

Editor’s Note: Check in tomorrow for an announcement about a webinar series we’re about to launch! The first webinar (coming this week) will be titled “Tesla Model 3 Interior Predictions, Preparations, & Prayers” and will include some friends from EV Annex and EV Volumes.

Are you excited about the Tesla Model 3? Many people around the world are and they are hungry for details about the car that may be the most significant new model since Henry Ford brought the Model T to market, and maybe even more significant than that.

Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen

Tesla says the Model 3 Design Studio — the online configurator that allows customers to pick their colors and options and price their vehicles — will be live in about 6 weeks. That’s when actual prices and optional equipment will be revealed for the first time.

One of the ground-breaking features of the Model 3 is its interior. Some call is spartan, because there is no conventional instrument panel with all the gauges, dials, and readouts that drivers are accustomed to seeing right in front of them. Some are turned off by such a “shocking” change, but let’s remember that elevators once needed human operators.

Instead of the conventional instrument panel and displays, the Model 3 dashboard lays out in one continuous sweep from one side of the car to the other with nothing to interrupt the view forward. Every bit of information available to the driver — from speed to battery charge to driving directions to what track on Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell album is playing — is displayed on the 15″ horizontally oriented touchscreen mounted in the middle of the dashboard. One way to think of it is that it is one move in the direction of both humans in the front seats being passengers.

Details of that interior are now shown in good breadth in a video posted by Daily Motion. It shows the inside of the car in great detail. In it, two interiors are shown, one with wood trim in the other in ultrawhite throughout. We don’t know at this moment which interior options will be available when production begins, but early spy shots are probably a good bet what to expect.


The Daily Motion video focuses also on some of the features of the car, such as the all-glass roof. Don’t be confused: To the best of anyone’s knowledge, the glass roof will be an option but not available at the start of production.

The video also claims the car will have “worldwide electrical voltage and amperage charging compatibility.” We do not have confirmation of that as of yet. If true, it will be yet another hugely significant innovation for the Model 3.

Plenty of pre-production Model 3 cars are out on the public roads. Here’s a new spy shot from The Tesla Life showing three of them together on the streets of San Francisco:

On a prior thread about the Model 3, some people said they find the front end of the Model 3 boring or even ugly. But as more pure electric cars get built, the grille-less front end will become more common. 10 years from now, cars with grilles will probably be considered old fashioned. Many people love the svelte look of the Model 3. Other manufacturers will probably be copying that general idea very soon.

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