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Coal divestments

Published on May 9th, 2017 | by Carolyn Fortuna


Divestment From Fossil Fuels: A May 2017 CleanTechnica Update

May 9th, 2017 by  

Divestment decisions last month at Harvard University heartened student activists and reinforced a growing national consensus about the harmful nature of fossil fuel investments.

A large Danish pension has divested itself of investments in 5 Canadian oil producers, citing concerns about fossil fuel companies becoming stranded assets and facing long-term heavy financial losses. They predicted that a “low-carbon future” would create a vacuum and heavy losses for these former investments.

The Trustees at Columbia University voted to recommend divesting from companies which derive 35% or more of their revenue from thermal coal production, based on information provided by the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing.

Institutions are reacting to public outrage over fossil fuel investments. Through divestment from fossil fuels, profits that wreak havoc on our planet are being diverted to alternative energy and other investments that can provide a sustainable tomorrow for the world’s citizens.

Often framed euphemistically as a way to free up capital to join in markets focused on innovation, divestment is becoming a method for financial firms to help their clients face dynamics of disruption. No longer is an emphasis on fossil fuel investments that point to market fundamentals or maintaining a geographic footprint enough of a foundation even for the most traditional investor.

Why? Investment firms have started to recognize that, when thinking like a buyer, investment success in the long term depends more on preparation, flexibility, and acceptance that formerly performing fossil fuel stocks may now be part of a collective of disrupted industries. In essence, previously unseen “geopolitical uncertainty and technological change are making portfolio and divestment strategy more vital than ever,” according to the Global Corporate Divestment Study 2017. In lay terms? The people have spoken.

Background of Divestment Trends

Arguments that investing in the fossil fuels of  oil, coal, and gas was morally reprehensible started on US college campuses in 2011. Since then, the divestment social movement has been challenging the business model of the fossil fuel industry. Momentum around divesting surged starting in 2014, when a number of symbolic institutions and opinion leaders spoke out publicly against investments that would spur on the fossil fuel industry.

◊ The World Council of Churches, representing half a billion Christians, ruled out all fossil fuel investments.

◊ The Guardian Media Group divested its funds, following its subsidiary newspaper’s “Keep it in the Ground” campaign.

◊ The United Nations Framework on Climate Change backed divestment as “it sends a signal to companies … that the age of ‘burn what you like, when you like’ cannot continue.”

◊ The G7 called for a complete decarbonization of the world’s economy.

◊ Leonardo DiCaprio, during an address at Davos’ World Economic Forum in 2016, urged listeners to stop allowing “the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity,” and to “leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.”

Divestment trends continue to take place in unexpected regions, and activists are persuading a broad range of institutions to step up and assume climate leadership roles.

Global Divestment Mobilization: May 5–13, 2017

Institutions and investment firms are creating momentum around the world as they remove capital from stocks, bonds, or funds invested in fossil fuel companies . Indeed, as the Global Divestment Mobilization entered its first full week, thousands of people worldwide intensified their demands for institutions to divest from the companies most responsible for causing climate change.

The Mobilization, which took place on every continent and 42 countries worldwide, everywhere from China to Somalia, hoped to be a “powerful, rejuvenating reminder of the influence we can have over the fossil fuel industry’s public image.” Events to support the advocacy included art and theater that highlighted climate impacts. So, too, did street actions and conversations spread the word about divestment, with thousands of new people signing divestment petitions. Divestment has proven to be one of the most powerful weapons in the fight for climate justice, according to 350.org. When the public support shifts away from the fossil fuel industry, investment and brokerage houses sit up and pay attention.

Divestment campaigns are shattering the influence that fossil fuel companies have had on economies and governments and are making space for real climate solutions. Divestment is an efficacious method to expedite action from the financial sector and to actively highlight the real impact that fossil fuels are having on our climate and communities.


Source: Courtesy of Go Fossil Free

Investors Petition the G7 and G20 to Stick with Paris Agreement

Against the backdrop of rumors that the Trump administration intends to pull the US out of the historic Paris Agreement, more than 200 institutional investors worth around $15 trillion wrote a 2017 joint letter to the G7 group of 7 industrialized nations and the G20 group of 20 major economies. In the letter, they pleaded with “all nations to stand by their commitments to the Agreement and to put in place policy measures to achieve their nationally-determined contributions (NDCs) with the utmost urgency.” The letter emerged, partially, in reaction to a March 2017 statement that the G20 drafted a statement in which they failed to mention climate change, climate adaptation, or climate finance.

In a press release provided by Ceres, a sustainability nonprofit organization, these investors underscored the urgency of action by G7 nations to implement the global climate pact and deliver their emissions reduction commitments. They called upon leaders to:

◊ Reiterate their support for and commitment to implement the Paris Agreement, including the delivery of their own Nationally Determined Contributions in full.

◊ Bring forward focused and targeted long-term climate and energy plans that will ensure their future actions align with commitments under the pact to keep global average temperature rise to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and preferably to 1.5 °C.

◊ Drive investment into the low carbon transition through aligning climate-related policies, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and introducing carbon pricing where appropriate.

◊ Implement climate-related financial reporting frameworks, including supporting the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures’ recommendations.


How Large Institutions Make a Difference When They Divest

More than 719 institutions, pension funds, universities and faith-based organizations have committed to divest, including more than 100 other cities worldwide. More than $5 trillion in assets are represented as of this writing, with more to follow. On May 9, 2017, 350Africa.org and Fossil Free South Africa launched a Cape Town divestment campaign as a way to rise up with more than just an environmental call: it drew upon economic, political, and moral wherewithal.

Divestment was a central component of the South African anti-apartheid campaign. It proved to be an essential tactic that dismantled the apartheid regime and the hegemonic forces behind it. Why did divestment work against apartheid?

◊ Divestment coalesced the individual and collective moral imperative to oppose apartheid itself.

◊ It exposed an oppressive system as inherently unsustainable and destructive to the majority of the people and the country.

Divestment movements then and now can empower ordinary citizens and individuals around the world. 350.org asks us to speak out against investments in fossil fuel companies and to voice our “opposition to an oppressive and unjust system, to place economic and social pressure on those who invested in it, and to become involved in a bigger movement for change.”

We can act now with the inherent moral responsibility to dissolve the profit from fossil fuel exploitation. We can become climate justice fighters who use our investments to speak loudly against fossil fuel devastation, and we need to start now.

Via Fossil Free, here’s a full list of nonprofit organizations, governments, and companies that have divested from fossil fuels:

Name of OrganisationTypeCountryDivestment TypeMore Info
350.orgNGOUSAFossil Free
350.org AustraliaNGOAustraliaFull
APRA/AMCOSFor Profit CorporationAustraliaFull
AXA I.M.For Profit CorporationFrancePartial
AXA S.A.For Profit CorporationFrancePartial
Abracadabra Retirement FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Abramowitz-Silverman FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Access Strategies FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Aegon N.V.For Profit CorporationNetherlandsCoal Only
Alingsås GovernmentGovernmentSwedenFull
All Souls Unitarian Universalist ChurchFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Alleycat Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Allianz GroupFor Profit CorporationGermanyPartial
Amalgamated BankFor Profit CorporationUSAFossil Free
American Ethical UnionFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Anderson Peters Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Anglican Church of AotearoaFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican Church of Southern AfricaFaith-based OrganizationSouth Africa
Anglican Diocese of AucklandFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican Diocese of Canberra and GoulburnFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Anglican Diocese of DunedinFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican Diocese of MelbourneFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Anglican Diocese of MontrealFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Anglican Diocese of PerthFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Anglican Diocese of QuebecFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFossil Free
Anglican Diocese of WaiapuFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican Diocese of Waikato and TaranakiFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican Diocese of WellingtonFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Anglican National SuperPension FundAustraliaPartial
Anglican Diocese of OttawaFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Arca FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Aria FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Arkay Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Ashden TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUK
Aston UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Auckland CouncilGovernmentNew ZelandFull
Australian Academy of ScienceCultural InstitutionAustraliaFull
Australian Capital TerritoryGovernmentAustraliaFull
Australian EthicalFor Profit CorporationAustraliaFull
Australian Guild of Screen ComposersNGOAustraliaFull
Australian National UniversityEducational InstitutionAustraliaPartial
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC)Faith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
AustralianSuperPension FundAustraliaPartial
AvivaFor Profit CorporationUKCoal Only
BVKPension FundSwitzerlandCoal Only
Ballina Shire CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Banyule City CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Barnegat Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Barnett Super Wealthy FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Barry Family Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Bass Coast ShireGovernmentAustraliaFull
Bathurst Street United ChurchFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Ben & Jerry’s FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank LimitedFor Profit CorporationAustraliaFull
Berliner Ärzteversorgung / Berlin Doctor’s PensionfundPension FundGermanyPartial
Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
BewegungsstiftungPhilanthropic FoundationGermanyFull
BioregionalPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Birmingham City UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Blue Planet FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Blumenthal Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Bondage SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Booth Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Bordeaux MétropoleGovernmentFranceFull
Boston Church of the Covenant, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Boston UniversityEducational InstitutionUSACoal and Tar Sands Only
Both ENDS FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationNetherlandsFull
Bournemouth UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Brevard CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Brighthelm Church and Community CentreFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Brighton & Hove City CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Brinstones SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
British Medical AssociationHealthcare InstitutionUKFull
Bullitt Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Byron Shire CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
CCFD – Terre SolidaireNGOFranceFossil Free
California Academy of SciencesCultural InstitutionUSAFull
California Institute of the ArtsEducational InstitutionUSAFull
California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)Pension FundUSACoal Only
California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)Pension FundUSACoal Only
Cambridge City CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Canadian Medical AssociationHealthcare InstitutionCanadaFull
Canadian Unitarian Council (national), ONFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Cardiff Metropolitan UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Catherine Donnelly FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationCanadaFull
Cecily Dignan Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Center for Humans & Nature, TheNGOUSAFull
Center for International Environmental LawNGOUSAFull
Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of FriendsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Chalmers University of TechnologyEducational InstitutionSwedenFull
Chester Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of FriendsFaith-based OrganizationUSAPartial
Chicago Medical SocietyHealthcare InstitutionUSAFull
Chico State UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Children’s Investment Fund FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Chino Cienga FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Chorus Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Christensen FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Church in WalesFaith-based OrganizationUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Church of EnglandFaith-based OrganizationUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Church of England Diocese of OxfordFaith-based OrganizationUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Church of ScotlandFaith-based OrganizationUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Church of St. Paul and St. AndrewFaith-based OrganizationUSA
Church of SwedenFaith-based OrganizationSwedenFull
Church of the Covenant, Presbytery of Boston, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Church of the Redeemer, Diocese of Newark, NJFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Citizens for Public JusticeNGOCanadaFull
City of AlburyGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Amherst, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of Ann Arbor, MIGovernmentUSAFull
City of ArmadaleGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Ashland, ORGovernmentUSAFull
City of BallaratGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Bayfield, WIGovernmentUSAFull
City of Belfast, MEGovernmentUSAFull
City of Berkeley, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of BerlinGovernmentGermanyFull
City of BoråsGovernmentSwedenFull
City of Boulder, COGovernmentUSAFull
City of BoxtelGovernmentNetherlandsFull
City of Brisbane, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of BristolGovernmentUKPartial
City of Cambridge, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of ChristchurchGovernmentNew ZealandPartial
City of Concord, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of CopenhagenGovernmentDenmarkFull
City of Corvallis, ORGovernmentUSAFull
City of DunedinGovernmentNew ZealandFull
City of Eugene, ORGovernmentUSAFull
City of Framingham, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of FremantleGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of FrouzinsGovernmentFranceFull
City of Great Barrington, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of HellemesGovernmentFranceFull
City of Ithaca, NYGovernmentUSAFull
City of LeichhardtGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of LilleGovernmentFranceFull
City of LismoreGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Madison, WIGovernmentUSAFull
City of MalmöGovernmentSwedenFull
City of MarrickvilleGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of MelbourneGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of MelvilleGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Minneapolis, MNGovernmentUSAFull
City of MorelandGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of MünsterGovernmentGermanyFossil Free
City of New London, CTGovernmentUSAFull
City of NewcastleGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Northamption, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of Oakland, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of OxfordGovernmentUKFull
City of Palo Alto, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of ParisGovernmentFranceFull
City of Portland, ORGovernmentUSAFull
City of Providence, RIPension FundUSAPartial
City of Provincetown, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of RavoireGovernmentFranceFull
City of Richmond, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of San Francisco, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of San Luis Obispo, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of Santa Fe, NMGovernmentUSAFull
City of Santa Monica, CAGovernmentUSAFull
City of Seattle, WAGovernmentUSAFull
City of StirlingGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of StockholmGovernmentSwedenFull
City of StrömstadGovernmentSwedenFull
City of StuttgartGovernmentGermanyPartial
City of Sudbury, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of SwanGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of SydneyGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of Truro, MAGovernmentUSAFull
City of UppsalaGovernmentSwedenFull
City of VenissieuxGovernmentFranceFull
City of VincentGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of WodongaGovernmentAustraliaFull
City of la RochelleGovernmentFranceFull
City of ÖrebroGovernmentSwedenFull
City of SavenayGovernmentFranceFull
Clean Water ActionNGOUSAFull
Climate Action Network AustraliaNGOAustraliaFull
College of the AtlanticEducational InstitutionUSAFull
College of the Marshall IslandsEducational InstitutionRepublic of the Marshall IslandsFull
Colorado Ratnashri SanghaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Columbia University in the City of New YorkEducational InstitutionUSACoal Only
Comart FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationCanadaFull
Community Friends Quaker Meeting in Cincinnati, OHFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Community Impact FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Compton FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Conservation Breeding Specialist GroupNGOUSAFull
Council of Canadians, TheNGOCanadaFull
Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, Asia, and New ZealandFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Country of IrelandGovernmentUKFull
County council of LoiretGovernmentFranceFull
Cranfield UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Dane County, WIGovernmentUSAFull
Daniel and Nina Carasso FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationFrance
Darwin Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Davara Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
David Suzuki FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationCanadaFull
De Montfort UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Decco Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Departmental council of EssonneGovernmentFranceFull
Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationSouth AfricaFull
DijonGovernmentFranceCoal Only
Diocese of the Holy Spirit of UmuaramaFaith-based OrganizationBrazil
District of Columbia Retirement BoardPension FundUSAFull
Ditton’s Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Dobra Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Doctors for the Environment AustraliaNGOAustraliaFull
Dover Friends MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
ESF College Foundation, Inc.Educational InstitutionUSAFull
Earth Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Earth Welfare Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
EarthsongFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Eastminster United ChurchFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Eastside Audobon SocietyNGOUSAFull
Ecumenical Ministries of OregonFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Educational Foundation of America, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Edward W. Hazen FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Edwards Mother Earth FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
English Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Environment Agency Pension FundPension FundUKPartial
Environment AmericaNGOUSAFull
Environmental and Energy Study InstituteNGOUSAFull
Episcopal Church, USAFaith-based OrganizationUSAPartial
Episcopal City Mission, Boston, MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of CaliforniaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, CAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of NebraskaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of OlympiaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Episcopal Diocese of Western MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Erste Asset ManagementFor Profit CorporationAustriaCoal Only
Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Evangelical Lutheran Church of OregonFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Federation of Christian Organisations for the International Voluntary Service (FOCSIV)Faith-based OrganizationItaly
Field Museum in ChicagoCultural InstitutionUSAFull
First Congregational Church in Amherst, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Parish Church UU, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Cambridge, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Parish in Concord, UU, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Parish in Hingham, Unitarian Universalist – Old Ship Church, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee, FLFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Presbyterian Palo Alto, CAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Religious Society of Newburyport, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First State SuperPension FundAustraliaPartial
First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, IAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Unitarian Church of Pittsfield, MEFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Unitarian Church of Portland, ORFaith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NYFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, UTFaith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
First Unitarian Church, Ottawa, ONFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, WIFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
First Unitarian Toronto, ONFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
First district of the city of LyonGovernmentFranceFull
Flame Tree Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Flou Flou Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Follen Community Church UU, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Fondacion eco ConcienciaPhilanthropic Foundation
Fondation Charles Leopold MayerPhilanthropic FoundationFranceFull
Fondation France LibertésPhilanthropic FoundationFranceFossil Free
Fondation Nicolas Hulot Pour La Nature Et L’HommePhilanthropic FoundationFrance
Fondation ensemblePhilanthropic FoundationFrance
Foothill-De Anza Community College FoundationEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Footprint FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Forsythia FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Franciscan Sisters of MaryFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Frederick Mulder FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Friends Fiduciary CorporationFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Friends World Committee for ConsultationFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Friends of the EarthNGOUSAFull
Fund for Democratic CommunitiesPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Funeral Consumers Alliance of MaineNGOUSAFull
Future SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
GLS TreuhandPhilanthropic FoundationGermanyFull
Garfield FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
General Service FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
George SchoolEducational InstitutionUSACoal Only
Georgetown UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAPartial
Gibson and McGregor Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Gironde departmentGovernmentFranceFull
Gloucester Shire CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Goddard CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFossil Free
Goldman Environmental FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Goldsmiths University of LondonEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Good Vibrations SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Government Pension Fund GlobalPension FundNorwayPartial
Graeme Wood FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Granary FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Great Old Broads for WildernessNGOUSAFull
Green Mountain CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Gross and Watts Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Guardian Media GroupFor Profit CorporationUKFull
Gunderson Lutheran Health SystemHealthcare InstitutionUSAPartial
H Green Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
HCFFor Profit CorporationAustraliaFull
HESTA Super FundPension FundAustraliaCoal Only
Hampshire CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Hancock United Church of Christ, Lexington, MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAPartial
Hanley Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Haringey Pension FundPension FundUKCoal Only
Hastings Borough CouncilGovernmentUKFull
Haverford Friends MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Haydon Family Super FunPension FundAustraliaFull
Health Care Without HarmHealthcare InstitutionUSAFull
Heriot-Watt UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Herriot-Watt UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Hidden Leaf FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Huddersfield QuakersFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Hull Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Humboldt State UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAPartial
Hunt Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Hunter Hall Investment ManagementFor Profit CorporationAustraliaFull
Ian Somerhalder FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Inspire Foundation for Business and SocietyPhilanthropic Foundation
International Living Future InstituteNGOUSAFossil Free
IrcantecPension FundFranceCoal Only
Islamic Society of North AmericaFaith-based OrganizationUSA
Island InstituteNGOUSAFull
JJ Charitable Trust, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
JMG FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
JRS Biodiversity FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Jacobs Robinson Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Jalana Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist, NYFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Janelia FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Jenifer Altman FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Jennie Di Blasi Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Jessie Smith Noyes FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Jim and Patty Rouse FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Joffe Charitable Trust, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
John & Marcia Goldman FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
John Merck FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Joseph Rowntree Charitable TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Jubitz Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Just Money Super FundPension FundAustraliaPartial
KL Felicitas FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
KR FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationDenmarkFull
Kansas City, MOGovernmentUSAFull
Kerr Ratcliffe SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Kestrelman TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
King’s College LondonEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Kirklees CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Kollantai Super FundPension FundAustraliaPartial
Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP)Pension FundNorwayFull
Kristine and Will Catto FoundationPhilanthropic Foundation
Kuhn’s Gold SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
La Trobe UniversityEducational InstitutionAustraliaFull
Laird Norton Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church, WIFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Lansdowne Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Laughing Gull FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Laval UniversityEducational InstitutionCanadaFull
Le Mans cityGovernmentFranceFull
League of Conservation VotersNGOUSAFull
Lehigh Valley Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Lemelson FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Leonardo DiCaprio FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Lewes Town CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Libra Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Local Government SuperPension FundAustraliaCoal Only
London Borough of Hackney Pension FundPension FundUKPartial
London Borough of Southwark Pension FundGovernmentUKFull
London School of EconomicsEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineEducational InstitutionUKCoal Only
Lookout FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Lund UniversityEducational InstitutionSwedenPartial
Lutheran World FederationFaith-based OrganizationSwitzerlandFull
Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
M & N West Pension FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Macedon Ranges Shire CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Madden Sainsbury FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Madirriny FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Madison Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)Faith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
Maine Council of Churches, MEFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Malbird Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Maree Kordonsky SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Marist Sisters AustraliaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Mark Leonard Trust, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Mary Babcock FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Mary Robinson FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationIreland
Massachusetts United Church of ChristFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
McKenzie River Gathering FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
McKinnon Family FundPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
McKinnon Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Medford Friends MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Melbourne Unitarian ChurchFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Melton FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Mennen FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Merck Family FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Methodist Church of BritainFaith-based OrganizationUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Metropolitan New York Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Meyer Family EnterprisesPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Miami Monthly Friends (Quaker) Meeting – Waynesville, OHFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Miami Quarterly Friends (Quaker) Meeting of Ohio Valley, OHFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Millamac Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Missionary Society of St. ColumbanFaith-based OrganizationUSA
Mize Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Monash UniversityEducational InstitutionAustraliaCoal Only
Montreal QuakersFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Moomintroll Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Morning Star FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Mount Alexander Shire CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Mount Holly, New JerseyFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation, AZFaith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
Mullum TrustPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Multnomah County, ORGovernmentUSAFull
Naropa UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAFull
National Ethical ServiceNGOUSAFull
National Peace Corps AssociationNGOGlobalFull
National Synod of ScotlandFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
National Tertiary Education UnionOtherAustraliaFull
National University of Ireland GalwayEducational InstitutionIrelandFull
Natural Resources Defense CouncilNGOUSAFull
Neranie Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Nest Sammelstiftung / Nest Fondation CollectivePension FundSwitzerlandFossil Free
Nevada Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
New England Biolabs FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
New Priorities FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
New Progressive AllianceNGOUSAFossil Free
New York City Employees Retirement SystemPension FundUSACoal Only
New York Conference of The United Methodist ChurchFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
New York Quarterly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Newcastle UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Newtown Monthly Quaker Meeting, PAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Nia Community FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAPartial
Noorda FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Nordea Bank ABFor Profit CorporationSwedenPartial
Nordic EnterprisePhilanthropic FoundationUK
Norman FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
North Star FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Northeast Wilderness TrustNGOUSAFull
Northern Yearly Meeting – Quakers in the Upper MidwestFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Norway Unitarian Universalist Church MaineFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Norwich City CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Nottingham Trent UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Odense City CouncilGovernmentDenmarkCoal and Tar Sands Only
Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting, Society of Friends (Quakers), OHFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Okeanos Foundation for the SeaPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Old Haverford Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Oregon MetroNGOUSAFull
Oregon State UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Orp FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Oslo Pension & InsurancePension FundNorwayCoal Only
Oslo PensjonsforsikringGovernmentNorwayFull
Overbrook Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Oxford Brookes UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Oxford UniversityEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
PFA PensionPension FundDenmarkPartial
PKA PensionPension FundDenmarkPartial
Pace FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist ChurchFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Pacific School of ReligionFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Palette Fund, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
PanahpurPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Park Foundation, NYPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Partnership for ChangePhilanthropic FoundationNorway
Pax FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Pensionfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW)Pension FundNetherlandsPartial
Peralta Community College DistrictEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Perpetual Ocean Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Philadelphia Yearly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSACoal Only
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical GardensCultural InstitutionUSAFull
Pi InvestmentsFor Profit CorporationUSAFull
Pig Shed TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Pilgrim Lutheran Church, St. PaulFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Pitzer CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Polden Puckham Charitable FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Portsmouth South Church Unitarian Universalist, NHFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Practice GreenhealthHealthcare InstitutionUSAFull
Pratt InstituteEducational InstitutionUSA
Prentice FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Presbyterian Church of New ZealandFaith-based OrganizationNew ZealandFull
Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, NYFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Prescott CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAPartial
Presentation Sisters, QueenslandFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Presentation Sisters, Wagga WaggaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Presentation Society of Australia and Papua New GuineaFaith-based OrganizationAustralia and Papua New Guinea
Presse-VersorgungPension FundGermanyPartial
Protestant Church Hessen-NassauFaith-based OrganizationGermanyFull
Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA)Faith-based OrganizationSouth Africa
Provincial of The Passionists – Holy Spirit Province Australia, NZ, PNGFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
PublicaPension FundSwitzerlandCoal Only
Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community (Pymwymic)Philanthropic FoundationNetherlandsFull
Quakers Religious Society of FriendsFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Quakers in BritainFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Queen Margaret UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFull
Queen Mary University LondonEducational InstitutionUKFull
Queensland University of TechnologyEducational InstitutionAustraliaFull
Quixote FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
ROS Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
RS GroupFor Profit CorporationHong KongFull
Randwick City CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Reading Borough CouncilGovernmentUKFull
Regional Council Ile de FranceGovernmentFranceFull
Regional Council Rhône AlpesGovernmentFranceFull
Regional council BurgundyGovernmentFranceFull
Regional council of Champagne-ArdennesGovernmentFranceFull
Regional council of Poitou-CharenteGovernmentFranceFull
Religious Society of Friends in AustraliaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaPartial
Rhode Island School of DesignEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Rianta CapitalPhilanthropic FoundationSwitzerland
Richmond Valley CouncilGovernmentAustraliaFull
Riverside ChurchFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Robert Treat Paine AssociationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Rockefeller Brothers FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Rockefeller Family FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Roddick FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUK
Rose Foundation for Communities and the EnvironmentPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Roskilde MunicipalityGovernmentDenmarkFull
Ross Knowles FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustralia
Ross Knowles Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Royal Australasian College of PhysiciansHealthcare InstitutionAustraliaFull
Rubblestone FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Rusbourne Private Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Russell Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
SOAS, University of LondonEducational InstitutionUKFull
SSM HealthFaith-based OrganizationUSACoal Only
SUJAY Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
SWF Immersion Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sainsbury Ashden TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Saint Paul Area Synod – Evangelical Lutheran Church of AmericaFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Salem State UniversityEducational InstitutionUSA
Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco or  Daughters of Mary Help of ChristiansFaith-based OrganizationItaly
Samuel Rubin FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
San Francisco State University FoundationEducational InstitutionUSACoal and Tar Sands Only
Santa Clara Valley Water DistrictGovernmentUSAFull
Santa Fe Art InstituteNGOUSAFull
Scarboro Missions, ONFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
Schmidt Family FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Schott FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Scott TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
ScouseMouse Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2)Pension FundSwedenPartial
Serve All TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Shalom CenterFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Shared Earth FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sheffield City CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Sheffield Hallam UniversityEducational InstitutionUKFossil Free
Shire of Goomalling, Western AustraliaGovernmentAustraliaFull
Shugar Magic FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sierra ClubNGOUSAFull
Sierra Club FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Singing Field FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sisters of LorettoFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Society for Community Work, First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, CAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Society for the Psychological Study of Social IssuesHealthcare InstitutionUSAFossil Free
Society of Friends, Canberra Regional MeetingFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
SojournersFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Solidago FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sollentuna GovernmentGovernmentSwedenFull
South Yorkshire Pension FundPension FundUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Stanford UniversityEducational InstitutionUSACoal Only
Staples TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
State College, PAGovernmentUSAFull
Sterling CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Stevns City CouncilGovernmentDenmarkFossil Free
Steyler Ethik BankFor Profit CorporationGermanyCoal Only
Stiftung AbendrotPension FundSwitzerlandFull
Stockholm UniversityEducational InstitutionSwedenFull
StorebrandFor Profit CorporationNorwayPartial
Stroud District CouncilGovernmentUKPartial
Student Christian MovementFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Students’ Society of McGill UniversityEducational InstitutionCanadaFull
SunCommonFor Profit CorporationUSAFull
Super Three Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Swarthmore Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesEducational InstitutionSwedenFull
Swift FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Swinburne UniversityEducational InstitutionAustralia
Switzer FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Sydney Buddhist CentreFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Synod of Victoria and TasmaniaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaPartial
Synod of the Northeast Presbyterian ChurchFaith-based OrganizationUSA
Syracuse UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Taikura Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Teachers Retirement System of the City of New YorkPension FundUSACoal Only
Tedworth Charitable TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Tellus Mater FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
The Foundation of the University of Maine Presque IslePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
The Fund for Santa BarbaraPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFossil Free
The Grantham FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
The Indigo TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUK
The Jesuits in English CanadaFaith-based OrganizationCanada
The New SchoolEducational InstitutionUSAFull
The New Zealand Superannuation FundPension FundNew ZealandFossil Free
The New Zealand Tertiary Education UnionEducational InstitutionNew ZealandFull
The Roddick FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
The Tin Dog SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, VAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Threshold FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Toronto Atmospheric FundPhilanthropic FoundationCanada
Town (City) of FredericiaGovernmentDenmarkFull
Town of AllonnesGovernmentFranceFull
Town of Ambérieu en BugeyGovernmentFranceFull
Town of BassendeanGovernmentAustraliaFull
Town of CherbourgGovernmentFranceFull
Town of ColombesGovernmentFranceFull
Town of East FremantleGovernmentAustraliaFull
Town of Pierrefitte sur SeineGovernmentFranceFull
Town of Saint DenisGovernmentFranceFull
Town of Saint HerblainGovernmentFranceFull
Town of Saint Maur des FosseGovernmentFranceFull
Trenton MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Trinitarian Congregational United Church of Christ, Warwick, MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinEducational InstitutionIrelandFull
Trinity St. Paul’s United Church, TorontoFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFossil Free
TrocairePhilanthropic FoundationIreland
Trust AfricaPhilanthropic FoundationSenegalFull
Tubmanburg City CoorperationGovernmentLiberiaFull
Tweeps Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
UK Health Alliance on Climate ChangeHealthcare InstitutionUK
UNIFOREducational InstitutionNorwayFull
UNISON Cambridge HospitalsHealthcare InstitutionUK
UU Church of Boulder, COFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
UU Congregation of Binghamton, NYFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Umeå UniversityEducational InstitutionSwedenFull
Unfolding Futures Pty Ltd Superannuation FundPension FundAustraliaFull
UniSuperPension FundAustraliaPartial
Union Theological Seminary, New York CityFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Union of Concerned ScientistsNGOUSAFull
Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, NMFaith-based OrganizationUSAFossil Free
Unitarian Church of South AustraliaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist AssociationFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, CAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Church, First Parish, Sherborn, MassachusettsFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine, MaineFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County, RIFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of AmesFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis, ORFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, MAFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor, MaineFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
United Church of CanadaFaith-based OrganizationCanadaFull
United Church of ChristFaith-based OrganizationUSA
United Church of Christ, Minnesota ConferenceFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
United Reformed Church of ScotlandFaith-based OrganizationUKFull
Uniting Church of Australia AssemblyFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Uniting Church, New South Wales & ACT, AustraliaFaith-based OrganizationAustraliaFull
Unity CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation, ILFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Univeristy of Oregon FoundationEducational InstitutionUSAFull
University of Abertay DundeeEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of Arts BournemouthEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of BedfordshireEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of BristolEducational InstitutionUKPartial
University of CaliforniaEducational InstitutionUSACoal and Tar Sands Only
University of CambridgeEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of CopenhagenEducational InstitutionDenmarkFull
University of DaytonEducational InstitutionUSAFull
University of EdinburghEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of GlasgowEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of GloucestershireEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of GreenwichEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of HawaiiEducational InstitutionUSAFull
University of HertfordshireEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of KentEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of LincolnEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of LiègeEducational InstitutionBelgiumPartial
University of Maine SystemEducational InstitutionUSACoal Only
University of MarylandEducational InstitutionUSAFull
University of Massachusetts FoundationEducational InstitutionUSAFull
University of OtagoEducational InstitutionNew ZealandFossil Free
University of Otago Foundation TrustEducational InstitutionNew ZealandFull
University of PortsmouthEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of SheffieldEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of SouthamptonEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of St. AndrewsEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of SurreyEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of SussexEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of SydneyEducational InstitutionAustraliaPartial
University of Wales Trinity Saint DavidEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of WarwickEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of WashingtonEducational InstitutionUSACoal Only
University of WestminsterEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
University of WorcesterEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of the Arts LondonEducational InstitutionUKFull
University of the West of ScotlandEducational InstitutionUKFossil Free
Urban community of CherbourgGovernmentFranceFull
Urban community of Hénin-CarvinGovernmentFranceFull
V. Kann Rasmussen FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Velux FoundationsPhilanthropic FoundationDenmarkPartial
Victoria University of WellingtonEducational InstitutionNew ZealandFull
Village of Cooperstown Pension FundPension FundUSA
Vincent Wildlife TrustNGOUKFull
Wahcumba Super FundPension FundAustraliaFull
Wallace Global FundPhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Waltham Forest Pension FundGovernmentUKFull
Warren Wilson CollegeEducational InstitutionUSAFull
Water Dragon FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationAustraliaFull
Waterloo FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
Wattle Blossum Super FundPension FundAustralia
Wermuth Family OfficePhilanthropic FoundationGermanyFull
Werzalit GruppePhilanthropic FoundationAustralia
Western Australian Local Government AssociationNGOAustraliaFull
Western Oregon UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAPartial
Westtown Monthly MeetingFaith-based OrganizationUSAFull
Whitley Fund for NaturePhilanthropic FoundationUK
Wilburforce FoundationPhilanthropic FoundationUSA
Wilderness Society, TheNGOUSAFull
Willows InvestmentsPhilanthropic FoundationUK
Winslow Foundation, ThePhilanthropic FoundationUSAFull
Wolfson CollegeEducational InstitutionUKCoal and Tar Sands Only
Wombat SuperPension FundAustraliaFull
Woodward Charitable TrustPhilanthropic FoundationUKFull
World Council of ChurchesFaith-based OrganizationSwitzerlandFull
World Medical AssociationHealthcare InstitutionFranceFull
Yale UniversityEducational InstitutionUSAPartial
Östergötland RegionGovernmentSwedenFull

Sources: Fossil Free and CleanTechnica Archives



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