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Published on June 12th, 2016 | by Roy L Hales


Tesla Model X & Trailer Crossing Canada

June 12th, 2016 by  

Originally published on the ECOreport.

A cross-Canada trek has been on Rolf Oetter and Silke Sommerfeld’s “bucket list” for a long time. They set out on the 10,000 km trip, from their home in Victoria (BC) to St. John’s (NL), yesterday. They may be driving the first Model X purchased in Canada and this is undoubtedly the first time a Tesla Model X tows a trailer across Canada.


Tesla Model X Towing Trailer Across Canada

They were among the first Canadians to purchase a Model X and this may be the first time a Model X tower a trailer across the continent.

Rolf and Silke Sommerfeld will be leaving their home in Island View Beach, near Victoria on Vancouver Island, tomorrow.

According to Sierra Club BC, no electric vehicle has ever towed a trailer for 10,000 kilometres before.

Climate campaigner Larissa Standee said this proves, “The future really is here, in the form of electric transportation, renewable affordable energy sources and an economy that operates within nature’s limits.”
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.34.47 AM

Driving An Electric Car

“My husband bought a Model S in the summer of 2014 and then I got a Model S. Since then my husband returned the S in anticipation of the X,” explained Silke.

She added, “Driving an electric car slowly got us into a completely new mind set. All of a sudden, it was important for us to have solar panels on the roof and we joined the local EV club and showed our cars. It’s an intrinsic urge to share what we think is the way of the future, and to make sure that future generations have a good future. We will never go back to gas cars.”

Reach As Many People As Possible

Silke added that she has never been further east than Red Deer, but she has a friend in Saskatchewan and wants to see Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, and the Maritimes.

“It is important to us that we reach as many people as possible. We are planning to stop in every place we go: show the car and the solar panels. We want to find people who are on the scent and maybe wondering what it is like to drive an electric car, to find out and maybe do the switch,” she said.

They have set up a Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account, and YouTube channel to cover the event.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.28.01 PM
All photos courtesy Rolf Oetter and Silke Sommerfeld

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  • The Mile 0 picture is just a few blocks from my home. I didn’t realize there was a Model X in Victoria, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. Good luck to them!

  • onesecond

    Cool cross country tour, wish you all the best.

  • Mike

    I’m looking forward to see how they will manage without the supercharger network to help manage with the proposed route.

  • ROBwithaB

    or you could take the train…

    • Xander66

      “take the train”??? C’mon ROBwithaB, where’s the fun and adventure in that???

      Go Rolf and Silke!!!!

  • omar

    were solar panels enough to charge the car battery or they additionnally charge at hotels ?

    • dcard88

      The panels could only produce 10 to 12 kWh per day so depends on how far you want to go.
      Probably only get 2 miles per kWh so you would need a full charge at a station before hitting the road.

    • Bob_Wallace

      RV parks in North America commonly have electric outlets at each parking space. Lots of people travel in motorhomes or trailers and plug in every night.

      The first coast to coast Tesla S trip was done by charging at RV parks when another outlet couldn’t be found. (This was before the Supercharger system was built.)

  • Freddy D

    I like that trailer! lots of glass and nice shape and materials and design details.
    The SUV ain’t bad either 🙂

    • Harry Johnson

      That really is a cool trailer inside and out. But updating the teardrop should finally mean it’s turned front to back for much better aerodynamics.

  • newnodm

    “According to Sierra Club BC, no electric vehicle has ever towed a trailer for 10,000 kilometres before.”

    Ah yes, that obscure Canadian law that requires all electric trailer towing be reported to the BC Sierra Club. It’s a good thing someone keeps track of this critical activity.

  • Shiggity

    Hauling heavy things with electric drive is where oil is going to get truly wrecked.

    Any kind of towing operation with an EV scares the bajesus out of the big 3. Trucks is all they have left.

    • dcard88

      Now we just need a Trailer manufacturer to make the bigger 25 footers under 3000 pounds instead of 4 to 5000. Some of the new pick ups have good mileage, but don’t know what they would drop to towing 5000.

      • Shiggity

        Electric trucking is far superior actually. Electric motors can be put at every axle base and you can have 6×6 and 8×8 systems. The MPG actually goes up with the increased weight because of how much efficiency you get from using 6-8 electric motors at once.

        The principle is the same in microelectronics. How we went from one core on a microprocessor to many cores. It’s much more efficient to have many cores and have them all working between 30-60%, instead of one giant core running at 100% all the time.

        This multiple engine model doesn’t work with ICE.

        You could even have a powered motor in the trailer subsection that electrically hooks into the car’s battery and works there too.

        • stuart21

          “This multiple engine model doesn’t work with ICE”
          The electric advantage lies in permitting differences in rpm between axles without complex third diffs, or axle windup.

          • catherine8521

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      • swaan

        There are lighter trailers but most people would not want to give up anything to achieve that lower weight. All the nice extras weigh.

        Then again if you can afford a Model X then probably a carbon fiber trailer wouldn’t be out of the question, now would it?

    • newnodm

      Actually, you have it backwards. Hauling heavy loads long distances benefits the most from high energy density.

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