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New Battery Management System From Redflow

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Australia-based battery-energy-storage company Redflow revealed a new system at the Australian Energy Storage Exhibition. The system has been created to make battery installation, monitoring, maintenance, and control simpler.

b42d801a-b1cf-44b0-8ea1-f63bdffae22fWith its new system, Redflow customers can track real-time battery performance and monitor data remotely. No software is required. All that is needed is an internet connection, a web browser, or a smartphone. “This BMS is a key part of our vision of providing efficient and effective battery energy storage systems for both homes and businesses. Our BMS is designed to act as a ‘Rosetta stone’ that uses various industry standard protocols to integrate our unique battery technology with energy management electronics from a wide variety of vendors,” said Redflow Executive Chairman Simon Hackett.

The Redflow system will be bundled with a Zcell residential product – a zinc-bromine flow battery with a 10 kilowatt-hour capacity. (On the Zcell site, the estimated cost of this battery including installation and an inverter is $17,500–19,000.)

Redflow also offers its own zinc-bromide battery systems, like the ZBM, which has an 8 kWh capacity. This battery solution Redflow says is best for supporting telecommunications.

Anyone who has been following the clean energy industry most likely knows that energy storage has been growing to meet demand and that it is a great complementary solution to the intermittency problem of renewables. Battery solution providers have been launching new products at an impressive pace and there have been some attractive options presented. Battery system management using monitoring and analytics is also attractive and adds a beneficial layer of data and awareness.

Of course, having the ability to monitor a battery system’s performance via a smartphone could be critically important for a home or business owner with solar power and energy storage. It would be more helpful to have as much information as possible for energy planning, especially if one aims to be energy independent. The short point is: battery management is evolving with the battery solutions.

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  • Oscar Martín

    It’s suppose that the advantage of flow batteries is that you could separate power and storage costs, doing storage cheaper, although power more expensive.

    This unit should have a lot more storage although power limited (2,5 kw could be enough for a lot of usages)

    • Mike Dill

      I was looking for a two or three day storage solution with a two to three kWh draw rate. A flow battery could do this, but currently RedFlow is not offering this solution for off-grid installations that I am aware of.

  • Andy

    Still too expensive. 10kwh of residential storage needs to be in the $2 – $3k range to be viable.

    • Mike Dill

      I think that they could enlarge the storage tanks without greatly increasing the cost. While that may be coming, I think right now they are still working out the bugs.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    Would be nice to have a link to one of their batteries so we could see the software in action. Perhaps also an installation manual and instructions on the display.

    • John Norris

      Agreed. It would be nice if Clean Technica writers provided more context in their articles. In the meantime, have you got the time to research this for us?

      • Ivor O’Connor

        That’s a good idea. If I have the time I’ll try to find more information.

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