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Published on January 31st, 2016 | by Zachary Shahan


Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of Week, Top 20 of Month

January 31st, 2016 by  

It’s time again to run down the 10 most popular (in terms of pageviews) CleanTechnica stories of the week, and it’s also time to run down the top 20 of the month. Starting with the week’s most popular, check out:

  1. Philippines Now The Largest Wind Power Generator In ASEAN Region
  2. New Bioplastic Mashup Spells Doom For Petrochemical Industry
  3. SMA: Sunny Boy Inverter Compatible With Tesla Powerwall To Launch In March
  4. $698/Month Tesla Model S Lease Now On The Table (via EV Obsession)
  5. Akon = Tesla Fanboy (Exclusive Video)
  6. Mammoth 50 MW Wind Turbine Blades Could Revolutionize Offshore Wind In US
  7. Is The New Chevy Bolt Really An LG Bolt?
  8. Energy Efficiency Hides In Plain Sight — Thank You, Ancient City Dwellers
  9. 5 Hot New Tesla Model X Videos (via EV Obsession)
  10. US Could Cut Electricity Production Emissions By 78% In 15 Years, Says NOAA

And here are the top 20 for the month of January:

  1. Big News From Ford: Mystery Car To Be Unveiled At Detroit NAIAS, New FordPass
  2. Ford (Finally!) Unveils Mystery Car At Detroit Auto Show
  3. New Low For Wind Energy Costs: Morocco Tender Averages $US30/MWh (via RenewEconomy)
  4. Tesla Starts Off 2016 By Producing & Delivering Powerwall
  5. #1 Large Luxury Car In US = Tesla Model S (2015 Sales Comparison) (via EV Obsession)
  6. Tesla CPO Prices Dropping — Who Needs A Model 3? (via EV Obsession)
  7. A Tale of 3 Battery Packs
  8. Elon Musk Attack Ad Is… “Interesting” (via EV Obsession)
  9. Tesla CPO Model S — 7 Below $49,000 At One Time (via EV Obsession)
  10. 3rd-Party Nissan LEAF Battery Pack Upgrades — Doubling To 48 kWh (via EV Obsession)
  11. Mercedes Changes Plans: 4 Electric Cars In Next Few Years, Rather Than 1 By 2018 (via EV Obsession)
  12. 10 Reasons To Overbuild Your Rooftop Solar
  13. Tesla Crushes Electric “Competition” In US (via EV Obsession)
  14. Getting To 100% Renewable Energy In the US
  15. Sonnenbatterie Battery System Beats Tesla Powerwall To US
  16. The Solutions Project: How 139 Countries Can Hit 100% Renewable Energy
  17. Philippines Now The Largest Wind Power Generator In ASEAN Region
  18. SolarEdge Launches StorEdge, Compatible With Tesla Powerwall (via Sustainnovate)
  19. Tesla Model X Detailed Walkthrough (6 Videos) (via EV Obsession)
  20. Germany Opens First Section Of 100-Kilometer Bicycle Highway (via Gas2)

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