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Published on November 7th, 2015 | by Cynthia Shahan


Linked LEAF Vignettes: “On The Road” With Zero Emissions

November 7th, 2015 by  

The sales experience for leasing a LEAF was interesting. My instincts were dead on. The LEAF was very smooth — and the windows open. Test driving was brief but smooth. “The Road” with zero emissions in the LEAF began

Nissan LEAF mom 6 copy

I was sold by the ease along with the smooth nature of the EV — fluid ambiance in a ride & drive of the LEAF. The knowledge that I did not have to consider — ever — a stop at a gasoline station shoved the thought of the Volt out. I do not want to visit gas stations again.

There is a roomy feel in the back seat of the LEAF even though it is a small EV. What? Yes, the feel of the back seat of the LEAF is spacious — more so than the BMW i3. Sitting high up from the concrete in the LEAF seems to make a small EV seem midsize (for EVs) — much roomier than a Fiat 500. Of course, Tesla offers the luxury EVs. No question. Porsche comes very close — and amazed me with the EV model’s tailored, comfortable seats.

After the extended time of test driving other sustainable vehicles, the BMW i3 and Porsche stood out as well — although the BMW i3 not so much for the smooth drive. Zach called it a “sporty” EV. The braking system was the winner — but perhaps I need to drive a Tesla again to know for sure. The windows of the BMW i3 were so open.

Test driving vehicles that do NOT produce particulates or pollute the air. Test driving with a young EV enthusiast who loves clean energy and top-of-the-world torque. The LEAF. The BMW i3. Tesla. Porsche.

Test driving as a person who once preferred walking and trains to automobiles — or safe bicycling when the metro is not the mood of the day — freedom, nature, and cruising outdoors. Comparably wonderful.

Nissan LEAF mom 5 copy


A Different Way of Living Life

Outdoors again. No oil or particulates on my hands. Not contributing to particulates for my grandchildren, any children. Walking to and from (in my short day journeys) the charging points in quick jaunts. The LEAF charges quickly. No time for work at a coffee shop. Perhaps a bit of grocery shopping or a walk.

Nissan LEAF 2

A local, knowledgeable Uber electric car driver suggests to me that the Level 2 ChargePoint stations that I use are the best way to charge — rather than at home or at a fast-charger. Over time, if one wants to eventually invest more in the EV (rather than just return it after the lease), knowing all the ways to protect the battery from degrading is useful. It is best to charge to 80% — readers here on CleanTechnica or EV Obsession can confirm, or correct me if you know better. Even a long conversation may be difficult with such a short charge. Time is of the essence. But music in the atmosphere walking to the store allows for such fine moods.

I talked with my insurance company yesterday once again. I need to find out if there is a tracking system for the LEAF. If so, I will get a discount. Also, I will do a story on my insurance journey further along in this long-term Nissan LEAF review.

I drove my old-lady, conservative style for the first few days with the LEAF. The battery range indicator said it could go 120 miles like that. Then I shed a skin or three and decided to test out the safety features of the LEAF. The torque gets one out in the flow of traffic quite well. Noting my battery’s mileage is limited, I realize that I am grateful the LEAF drives in Eco mode as well. Now that the races of time incite some faster speeds, perhaps it is time to check out the LEAF on the interstate.

Safe travels. And don’t listen to that ridiculous news that there are not enough charging stations. There are plenty (at least where I am now).

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Images by Cynthia Shahan, Cynthia Shahan, & Zachary Shahan | CleanTechnica | EV Obsession 
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