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Clean Power


50% Renewable Energy By 2030 For Saskatchewan

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by Jake Richardson

Saskatchewan’s public utility has said it has set a goal to generate 50% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030. Installing about 60 MW of utility-scale solar power will help achieve it, but the overall strategy will include [&hellip... Read More


Renault Zoe Side

Renault EV Smart-Charging Trial Conducted In Germany

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by James Ayre

Originally published on EV Obsession. Renault recently ran a testing round of a new smart-charging system — by the name of The Mobility House — in Germany. The testing round involved 11 Renault ZOE owners (who were also [&hellip... Read More

Clean Transport

Fastned Installing 1 Fast-Charging Station Per Week

Fastned Installing 1 Fast-Charging Station Per Week

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by James Ayre

I love what Fastned is doing, and wrote an exclusive article about the Dutch company in July after interviewing cofounder Bart Lubbers (reposted here). Since then, we’ve republished the “Fastned Freedom Plan” and cofounder and CEO Michiel [&hellip... Read More



JAC Motors Getting 18650 Battery Cells From Samsung SDI

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by James Ayre

Of all the electric vehicles on the market, only Tesla’s Model S and Model X use small, cylindrical, 18650 battery cells (which Tesla gets from Panasonic). However, Chinese automaker JAC Motors is breaking away from the mold, [&hellip... Read More


norway postal service electric Kangoo

240 Electric Renault Kangoos For Norwegian Postal Service

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by James Ayre


One of the best things governments can do to boost electric vehicle use and cut emissions is to procure electric vehicles themselves. This alone has an impact on emissions, but it also exposes a large number of people [&hellip... Read More


David Imai

Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of November

Published on December 1st, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


If you missed any of these firecrackers, check ’em out now. [Caution: if you venture into the comments, you could get sucked into another dimension for hours at a time.] Tesla Model 3 Leaks… Small Ones [&hellip... Read More

Clean Transport


Most Of World’s Transportation Energy Use Is For Passenger Travel

Published on November 30th, 2015 | by U.S. Energy Information Administration


Originally published on US EIA. The transportation of people and goods accounts for about 25% of all energy consumption in the world. Passenger transportation, in particular light-duty vehicles, accounts for most transportation energy consumption—light-duty vehicles alone [&hellip... Read More

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