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56,000 Customers Receive Clean Electricity From Ethical Electric

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Renewable energy company Ethical Electric has grown its customer based to 56,000. The company only launched in 2012, so acquiring that many customers for its delivery of 100% clean energy in several years is quite a feat. Ethical Electric buys electricity from wind and solar farms in the wholesale market and it sells that electricity to homeowners and business owners. The electricity is delivered through local utilities, but does not involve any fossil fuels. Because fossil fuels are not used, Ethical Electric customers, by choosing electricity from solar and wind power sources, have prevented about 588,471,000 pounds of  CO2 from being emitted.


“Ethical Electric’s corporate giving underlines the collective impact consumers can create on climate and the environment. Now more than ever, renewable energy is the best option for utility customers  to create,” explained Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of Ethical  Electric.

Additionally, about 15,000 pounds of air pollution per customer are not emitted annually, because Ethical delivers only delivers electricity from clean sources. $543,000 has been donated by the company to nonprofit organizations that are focused on environmental education and social justice that can also benefit the planet.

Ahead of the curve seems to be the position the company is in, but not too far ahead — some research has indicated many Americans now understand that coal emissions are not healthy. “We have consistently found that a majority of Americans support policies such as the recently introduced EPA regulations of greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. These represent more than just climate policy; they offer an opportunity to reduce air and water pollution locally. Burning less coal for electricity means fewer cases of asthma, fewer cases of heart disease, and less contamination of drinking water, and people respond to these results.”

In fact, a Harvard Medical School study found that the true cost of relying on coal for electricity generation is at least $500 billion a year… in the US alone.

Climate change is something that doesn’t seem to have sunk in quite as deeply as the health hazards of toxic air pollution, but if we continue to have severe droughts and other extreme weather events linked to global warming, we could see a change in that perception.

At any rate, wind and solar power seem to be very much poised to expand over the coming decades, so any company that is in position to deliver clean electricity could do very well. Of course, it will also be providing an important service to society — both in terms of transitioning customers off of fossil fuels and in reducing air pollution.

We conducted an interview with Tom Mazzie, the CEO of Ethical Electric a while ago. If you would like to read it, check it out here: Clean Energy Delivered to Your Door: Ethical Electric Interview.

Seven states in the Midwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic currently have Ethical electricity available.

Image Credit: Ethical Electric

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  • Dan Hue

    This company is just one among many that offer similar products. Here in PA, my provider is Green Mountain Energy, which buys renewable certificates on my behalf from local wind farms, providing additional revenue to the farm operators, at a very small additional cost to me (2 or 3 cents per kWh by my reckoning). This is supposed to encourage the development of more renewable capacity, but the nagging question to me is whether that truly encourage this so-called additionality. I wish there was a product out there where I could buy energy from *future*, yet to build energy farms.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Theoretically, if there are enough people like you paying a premium (2.5 cents more than the average PA 13 cents , 20%) there’s enough profit flowing to the wind farm to gain investor’s attention.

      Plus you are purchasing wind generation away from the rest of the grid. Given that wind is now cheaper than all other new generation I would think the rest of the grid would be looking for a larger share and you’ve sucked some.

      What would be great would be a way to invest in wind or solar farms that used the earnings to lower electricity rates. Allow people to own their own generation $10, $100, whatever at a time.

      • jeffhre

        Community solar?

        • Bob_Wallace

          That’s one version.

          But what about a crowdsourced wind farm?

          Or buy into an operating wind/solar farm then get electricity credits for the power generated?

    • Philip W

      My local electricity provider has something similar to what you want. You can order 100% green electricity only or you can pay little bit more and you get 100% green electicity + that little bit more is invested into new renewables.

  • Mike

    They aren’t being truthful. If they’re doing this for houses they must only be buying Renewable Energy credits to match consumption. Thats fine, they just should be upfrnt about it

  • JamesWimberley

    Such models can only work if transmission is split from generation, allowing customers to choose from a variety of suppliers. Ethical choice matters as well as financial choice.

    • Will E

      ok, here we have transmission split from generation.
      but investors dont like a losing game and split or no split, coal nuclear is a losing game.
      and people feel better when ethical choice makes also money, that is,— for most of them.
      Make it clear it is an Ethical money making choice. for transition

  • Will E

    Again there is no talk in this article about the money made.
    clean energy is a money making business, climate change dont get deep in peoples minds, health problems a little, but money making Solar and Wind Power projects will sink fast and deep in peoples minds.
    love to see the numbers of the money balance sheet.

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