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Top 30 CleanTechnica Articles of 2014

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I can’t believe how fast and busy this year has been. Below were the 30 most popular stories of 2014 here on CleanTechnica. If you have some extra reading time on your hands and missed any of these, check them out (note that there are actually links on the titles below that you can click to open the articles).


  1. What Is The Current Cost Of Solar Panels?
  2. 13 Electric Vehicles Coming To Market In 2014
  3. Which Solar Panels Are Most Efficient?
  4. America Can Nearly Quadruple Its Renewable Electricity By 2030
  5. Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency
  6. The Solar Energy Revolution Everyone’s Ignoring… Is In Bangladesh
  7. Micro Wind Turbines Could Be Huge Deal For Ford
  8. Polish Startup Has Reportedly Started Producing Graphene
  9. Tesla Motors Now California’s Biggest Auto-Industry Employer
  10. Plug-In Solar Panel Kit That Is Truly DIY
  11. Obama Wants To Eliminate Tax Breaks For Oil Companies
  12. Scientists Develop Coal-Killing Solar Cell Made From Tin
  13. Electric Cars For Sale In 2014 (This page is about to be updated for 2015.)
  14. The Tesla Model 3 Will Have a 48 kWh Battery, And Will Be 20% Smaller
  15. $10 Bet Leads To New Synthetic Graphene
  16. True Cost Of Owning A Chevy Volt Might Surprise You
  17. Price Of Solar Much Lower Than Solar Savings
  18. India Plans World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Project (50 MW)
  19. Electric Sled From Yvon Martel — MTT-136 — Travels Up To 136 Miles Per Charge
  20. How Much Are Solar Panels? Wrong Question. Ask How Much Solar Panels Can Save You
  21. Dubai Shatters Solar Price Records Worldwide — Lowest Ever! (Honestly, this story should have been even higher on the list. Give it some love!)
  22. 500-Mile Tesla Graphene Battery?
  23. Solar Energy Storage System For Homes and Businesses Unveiled
  24. 2015 Ford F150 Sheds Pounds, Packs on Tech (w/ video)
  25. The Future Of Solar: Solar Power To Surge in 2014?
  26. Tesla Model X Reservations Keep Climbing (Chart)
  27. Chevy Volt Owner Switching To Ford Fusion Energi Rather Than BMW i3
  28. Chevy Volt Owner Switching To Ford Fusion Energi Rather Than BMW i3
  29. New Graphene + Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitor Rivals Lithium Battery
  30. Solar’s Insane Cost Drop

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    I’m not sure if I reached out to JuiceBox energy storage systems with the initial posting but in reviewing this list, I did reach out for a formal inquiry via the link in the article. I’ll share details if/when I hear back 🙂

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