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Clean Energy Expert Michael Liebreich Might Run For Mayor Of London

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The founder of New Energy Finance, Michael Liebreich, might run for the mayor of London. Recently, when asked about his intentions he said, “I will declare if I am persuaded Londoners want me to.” Some bookies have said he may have a better chance of winning than several conventional politicians. The next mayoral election in London will be in 2016.

There are green representatives in Parliament, so it seems plausible to consider there could also be such an energy conscious mayor in London.

One of the more startling facts of this case is that being ‘green’ is no longer a fringe perspective in some countries. Consider that current London mayor Boris Johnson, a conservative, is also an avid cyclist. He has even been accused of being too insistent about cycling:

There is now a growing chorus of voices who say that the cycling revolution has been going too fast and that we should somehow get all these cyclists off the roads and people look at me in an accusing way. This analysis grossly exaggerates my messianic abilities. I am a passionate cyclist, but I am not some kind of Pied Pedaller.  People go by bike because they love to go by bike.

Johnson also advocated for new diesel-hybrid buses that create less air pollution. So, it seems that Liebreich’s enthusiasm for clean energy should not hold him back if he decides to run. Also, it is not unheard of that one might consider the office of London mayor to be a springboard in running for Prime Minister. If he should run and win, serving as mayor for such a major city might help pave the way to a campaign for PM.

Michael Liebreich Key Facts

  • Founded New Energy Finance in 2004, which was acquired by Bloomberg in 2009.
  • London’s Imperial College Energy Futures Lab visitor professor
  • Former CEO of BNEF, Bloomberg Energy Finance, now is Chairman of Advisory board.
  • Harvard Business school graduate, with an undergraduate degree from Cambridge in Nuclear engineering, fluid dynamics, mechanics and thermodynamics.
  • 3-time finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • His Twitter stream is full of posts about energy.

Member of:

  • UN Secretary General’s High Level Advisory  Group on Sustainable Energy for All
  • World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council  on the New Energy Architecture

Former member of:

  • Advisory board to the  Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy and  Climate Change working group

Featured photo credit: Screen capture from “Energy All-Stars: Michael Liebreich” video

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  • JamesWimberley

    Brits are not radical voters in elections to Parliament. But they, and especially Londoners, are much more ready to take a flyer in mayoral elections, which are a recent innovation. Boris Johnson’s predecessor was ex-trotskyite Ken Livingstone, another larger-than-life eccentric. Livingstone’s drinking and Johnson’s womanizing didn’t harm them much with voters.

  • Philippe Branco

    Sorry, fat chance. Once the parties have nominated their candidates, there is more chance of them being elected as the party machines have been building up. The other possible candidates like Christian Walmer or (Baroness) Oona King have only been suggested.

    • Ross

      He’d have to get into parliament first to be PM. Whatever about what his other political beliefs might be, he seems good on energy.

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