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In Cold, Electric Cars Save You Even MORE Money

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Originally published on Planetsave.

You should know by now that electric vehicles can save you good money. It costs ~3 to 4 times less to drive an electric vehicle (EV) than to drive a gasmobile. So, even though EVs often cost a bit more up front, the lifetime cost of the vehicles is often considerably lower.

But I’ll bet you didn’t know this: EVs save you even more money in cold temperatures. A recent analysis conducted by FleetCarma shows that EVs save you 12.4¢/mile at 73°F/23°C, 13.9¢/mile at 32°F/0°C, and 14.8¢/mile at 0°F/-18°C. Pretty sweet. Here’s the full infographic, which also points out that EV range shrinks more at cold temperatures:


Pretty interesting, eh?

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  • jstack6

    The heat pump in the 2013 LEAF is super efficient for heat and cold driving.

  • nero

    Well, my range is affected around 40% on +2 and below. But when it was -10, I didn’t feel the difference on the range between that and +2’C. I’m driving Aixam Mega City ’09

  • Jouni Valkonen

    I think that this conclusion is wrong, because driving in cold means also that the total mileage, that is remaining in battery before it must be replaced, diminishes more rapidly.

    However, it is pretty decent investment, especially for shorter range EVs, to have ethanol, methanol, kerosene, etc. liquid fuel burning heater as an option. It is cheaper to burn methanol than to use EV battery power for heating.

    • They do note that the range is hurt more in EVs. But that the financial savings are better.

      • Jouni Valkonen

        I was referring the total lifetime range of EV. When driving in cold, one needs a battery replacement sooner.

        • attorneydupont

          Battery lifetime suffers in the heat, there is no documented loss of battery life due to extreme cold.

          • Jouni Valkonen

            There is a documented examples where battery lifetime has reduced due to driving. This is enough documentation.

          • Jukka JärvinenakkuJukka

            Li-ion cells die in most cases due heat not by cycling. If too cold and cells are misused then they die faster. There are millions of variations how cells can be made so we do have to reserve dome room for that in the generalizations. EV cells can be made to last 20-30 years. Just matter of optimization.

          • Jouni Valkonen

            Do you have any idea what would be the value of battery as grid storage, if it would last 20–30 years of use? We are today installing grid storage with expected lifetime of seven years.

            That is, it is not mere optimization.

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