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Global Sales Of Tesla Model S May Have Surpassed 25,000

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tesla-model-s-range2013 US sales of the Tesla Model S, a bit below 20,000, have led cumulative global sales of the Model S passed the 25,000 marker, according to reports.

Hybrid Cars notes, however, that this sales number is an estimate. Tesla doesn’t release monthly sales figures, so the total comes from estimates coming from different countries.

Given that Model S production just started in 2012, and the fact that the Model S is in the luxury (er, performance) class with a starting price of $63,570 in the US after the federal EV tax credit (and an even higher price overseas), rising to 25,000+ sales is quite impressive. We’re just getting started….

Again, here are December & annual electric vehicles sales totals for the US:

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  • Marcelo Pacheco

    Including the 2400+ Roadsters delivered, Tesla will surpass 40 thousand cars by end of March 2014. Model S VIN 34225 has been assigned, so that’s about 37000 cars delivered or in production right now.

    Tesla owners are one very interesting bunch, see how they keep track:

  • jburt56

    At least 10% of global sales need to be electric within 3 to 6 years.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Graphs are correct. But the text is incorrect. Tesla sold in 2013 in US only 17 000 cars. That 25 000 figure is for total Model S sales. Global sales of Model S in 2013 were about 21 – 22 000 cars. Some time when Tesla’s stock soared near $200 total sales were predicted to exceed 23 000, but then temporary battery shortage choked Model S production and total sales for 2013 only mildly exceeded the Tesla’s 21 000 guidance for 2013.

    • From the source:

      Based on published reports from around the world, Tesla has now crossed the 25,000 unit sales mark – approximately 10-times the total estimated 2,500 or so unit production run of its 2008-2012 Roadster.

      Because Tesla does not report monthly sales, we are qualifying this assertion based on sales reports that are actually estimated at 25,353 to 25,503 through December 2013.

      What’s more, total global sales are believed somewhat higher due to unavailability of December sales reports in five European nations.

      • So, are you implying that the country reports used are overestimating. From where are you getting 21,000?

        • Sam Rai

          i think he is right….even the part you quoted suggests as much: “Tesla has now crossed the 25,000 unit sales mark – approximately 10-times the total estimated 2,500 or so unit production run of its 2008-2012 Roadster.”
          note they compare it to the TOTAL sales run of Roadster….not just one year. Still very impressive. I hope when Q4 is released people realize how incredible their production ramp up has been and respond accordingly…unlike they did in Q3 🙁

      • Jouni is right. There is an error in the Gas2 article.

        The 25,000 figure is for total Model S sales for 2012+2013. Subtracting the 2500 or so from 2012, the 2013 total comes to ~22,500. This is confirmed by this statement:

        “North America remains Tesla’s strongest market, with more than 19,000 units shipped between the U.S. and Canada. Europe meanwhile, where Model S sales kicked off this year, saw sales estimated at over 3,600 units,”

        That comes to a total of 22,600.

        The ‘just shy of 30,000 ‘ figure from De Morro is based on double counting 2012.

        And you should correct the header of your article.

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