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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Jake Richardson


Tesla Could Have Electric Pickup Truck In Five Years

November 15th, 2013 by  

An electric pickup truck somewhat resembling a Ford F-150 could be launched in about five years by Tesla Motors it was reported recently by Business Insider. Tesla is already busy with the Model S sales and distribution in various countries, in addition to making their crossover vehicle called Model X, which might be launched at the end of next year.

Also, a third-generation electric car for the mass market with a target price of about $35,000 would precede the launch of an electric truck.

Modeling a Tesla electric truck on the F-150 would be sensible, considering it is a top-seller. Making and selling an electric pickup truck could also be a good strategy for making inroads into consumer culture, because  resistance to EVS might be coming more from pockets of society that habitually look at vehicles for the power of their engines, rather than their ‘green’ aspects. Electric vehicles in the past were sometimes scorned for being ‘nerdy’, but Tesla solved that issue by designing very appealing-looking vehicles that also are powerful, yet still environmentally friendly.

Though the thought of electric pickups being available for consumers might be surprising, there already have been some on the market. For example, Ford made an electric Ranger from 1998 to 2002. Most of them were available through leasing programs, and were eventually recalled and crushed. Some were purchased and refurbished by private owners. (A small number wound up in Norway.)

In five years, if Tesla launches an electric truck, it is likely it will have new features that would make it far superior to the electric Ford Ranger. A much greater driving range, shorter charging times and a much more powerful engine all appear to be very feasible.

If Tesla was successful in launching a pickup truck, there might even be more interest generally in the marketplace for making large semi-trucks electric as well, and that would be of great benefit to our public health, because large diesel trucks generate huge amounts of harmful air pollution, especially in large cities with ports. 
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