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An Electric Car Will First Break Into The Top 10 Of Global Auto Sales In…

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Time to report the results of our poll regarding the year an electric car will first break into the top 10 of global auto sales. The votes are pretty clustered between 2017 and 2020, with 2018 being the clear winner. Still, a couple dozen of you were quite optimistic and projected that it would happen in 2015 or 2016, while a dozen of you projected that it would take over a decade before an electric car broke into the top 10. Here’s a bar chart of the results:

1st year electric cars break into top 10 global auto sales

Overall, it’s an interesting spread and was a fun poll. We will certainly be watching EV sales growth and waiting eagerly for this point… whether it occurs in 2018, 2017, 2020, or some other year.

To put the target into a little better perspective, by the way, one notable point made by a commenter on the original post was that “the Golf is number 10 and last year 650,000 units were sold.” I’m actually seeing a different car at #10 in the study results I found, but the sales number is just about the same. According to research service R.L. Polk, as reported on USA TODAY, the rankings for 2012 and 2011 were as follows:

Rank/vehicle … 2012 … 2011

  1. Ford Focus … 1,020,410 … 879,914
  2. Toyota Corolla, 872,774 … 819,376
  3. Ford F-Series … 785,630 … 713,657
  4. Wuling Zhiguang … 768,870 … 729,328
  5. Toyota Camry … 729,793 … 558,000
  6. Ford Fiesta … 723,130 … 764,415
  7. VW Golf … 699,148 … 716,358
  8. Chevrolet Cruze … 661,325 … 606,825
  9. Honda Civic … 651,159 … 606,825
  10. Honda CR-V … 624,982 … 507,353

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  • Randy

    It is stupid the government agencies only buy from Chrysler, Ford, and GM. For one Chrysler is Italian now and Toyota is more american made. Stupid laws. The government should order about 50000 Nissan Leafs to replace all the stupid gas guzzlers.

  • Matt

    FORD makes a ton of money selling trucks to people who use it as a truck 0-2 times a year. FORD likes it since it isn’t classified as a car so doesn’t have to follow the rules for cars. Much lower safety (workers need to haul not be safe?), MPG rules for them.

  • mzso

    “Ford F-Series ”
    How pathetic are people across the ocean… I doubt that it’s even sold here.

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