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Published on October 3rd, 2012 | by Guest Contributor


San Francisco Car Sharing Scheme Leads the Way in Green Transport

October 3rd, 2012 by  

With environmental concerns becoming more prominent in society, road users are beginning to think twice about the way in which they travel. Troubled economies are, unfortunately, a common feature throughout the Western world at present and have pushed fuel prices to an all time high, making the cost of keeping a car on the road a greater burden.

This has prompted both drivers and manufacturers to re-evaluate the way in which they approach driving. Whilst drivers look to reduce their impact on the environment through their choice of car and driving style, manufacturers such as TeslaLexus, and Coda are searching for innovative ways to improve the services which they offer their customers.

In the latest example of this, an American-based initiative from ChargePoint has made a move which deals with these issues head on.

The scheme aims to initiate a car-sharing program across the city of San Francisco which utilizes a variety of charge points operated by ChargePoint. ChargePoint also operates a number of charging stations in the area, from Oakland to Burlingame and Palo Alto.

Working in a similar way to London’s ‘Boris bikes‘ program (or scheme, as we call it in the UK), participants will have the chance to pick up cars from set destinations and deposit them elsewhere.

Participants will be able to use a number of charging stations operated by ChargePoint. The program offers an affordable and green way to travel, which is also extremely convenient. While San Francisco is one of the few cities in the United States which is already renowned for having an extensive and affordable public transport network, the program is expected to be highly popular with those looking for affordable and eco-friendly travel options.

From petrol power to renewable energy

As drivers become more conscious of the impact of driving on the environment, and more frustrated with the ever increasing cost of operating a car, programs such as this target a new gap in the market which bridges a divide between public and private transport. Whether drivers chose to opt for a hybrid car or an all-electric vehicle, the shift from petrol power to renewable energy is clearly evident.

Not only does the scheme offer residents of the city the opportunity to travel in a new way, it also highlights the car manufacturing industry’s strong commitment to the future of electric vehicles. Rising costs and environmental concerns have spelled success for the future of the hybrid and electric vehicle market and it is moves like this which are working to integrate the green vehicle into society.

Image Credit: ChargePoint

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