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Published on May 15th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


$200 Whole Foods Gift Card (& More) Giveaway, Courtesy the Mitsubishi i

May 15th, 2012 by  

Update: The giveaway entry period will close at 11:59pm EST on the 28th of May, 2012. The winner will be announced on the 29th of May.

Mitsubishi’s got a classy and super affordable new electric vehicle (EV) that I’m sure you’re all aware of. But to try to bring a little more attention to the beauty, and also to give one of you EV lovers a little reward for your green vehicle love, the company is offering our readers an exclusive prize package consisting of:

  1. $200 Whole Foods Gift Card,
  2. a few Flip & Tumble Reusable Bags, and
  3. Pure Balance Water Bottle.

But, before letting you know how to enter the giveaway, here’s a little more info on the Mitsubishi i (whichwe’vecoveredseveraltimesnow.):

Mitsubishi i

Summarizing some of those stories linked above, the Mitsubishi i site states: “Shortly after being named the EPA’s fuel economy leader, the 100% electric Mitsubishi i was recognized as ‘The Greenest Vehicle of 2012’ by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Thanks to an astonishing 112 combined MPGe, this EV is the most efficient car in production—beating the Nissan Leaf and, well, every hybrid or gas car in America.”

Additionally, “the Mitsubishi i is the most affordable electric vehicle in the entire United States. And considering there’s a host of federal and state tax incentives for EV drivers, it’s never been easier on the budget to own an electric car (and especially this one) than it is right now.”

No joke.

The MSRP for the vehicle is $29,125, the net MSRP* after the federal tax credit is $21,625 for the standard ES model, and the net MSRP* after the federal tax credit $23,625 for the SE version.

Some more info:

Powered by Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV) technology, the rear-wheel drive vehicle’s drive system includes a 49 kW (66 bhp) AC synchronous electric motor; an 88 cell, 330V lithium-ion battery pack for a peak storage of 16 kWh; and a single fixed-reduction gear transmission. This electric motor is capable of producing its peak torque of 145 lb.-ft. almost instantaneously when accelerating from a standstill; the vehicle has a top speed of approximately 80 mph.

The driving range of the Mitsubishi i is a very robust EPA certified “real world” rating of 62 miles/charge. The Mitsubishi i can be recharged using three advantageous methods: A 240V/15A Level 2 home EVSE Eaton charging system (estimated charge time from completely empty battery to fully charged – 7 hours; charging method recommended by Mitsubishi), a CHAdeMO Level 3 public quick charging station (estimated charge time from very low battery to 80% full – 30 minutes; requires optional DC charging port available as an option), and through the conventional 120V/8A Level 1 portable charging cable that plugs into a standard wall outlet (estimated charge time from very low battery to full charge – 22.5 hours; included on all Mitsubishi i models).

You can find a dealer near you or schedule a test drive today to get an even closer look at the Mitsubishi i.

And you can keep an eye on the Mitsubishi i Facebook page, its Twitter feed, the Mitsubishi i channel, or CleanTechnica for the latest news on the vehicle.

The i is available in some markets now and will be available nationwide in June 2012.

Mitsubishi i Giveaway

So, now, to enter the giveaway, you just have to do one thing: comment on this post telling us what you think most rocks about the Mitsubishi i, or even why you’re pre-ordering a car!

*Includes federal tax credit of up to $7500. Retail MSRP of ES starts $29,125 and SE starts at $31,125

Full disclosure: CleanTechnica gets nothing from this post other than the opportunity to have one of our readers win the prize package above.

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  • Kristen

    It’s cute…and I love that it’s 100% electric. The price of gas is so crazy these days I can hardly afford to drive to Whole Foods!!

  • Akelley888

    This has me intrigued, I’ve never looked into how a tax credit works for consumer purchases. Might be worth it.

    • i haven’t much either, but notice them when doing taxes. basically, just looks like a big write-off.

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  • emka

    that it’s affordable, that the car totally rocks, that it’s got such a good MPGe rating, and most of all, it’s just cute 😀

  • Joshua

    That 62 miles per charge is more than enough to get me to work and back, and quite a few other places in between (hello grocery store!). The Mitsubishi i looks like a great little car.

  • Melissa E

    100% Electric – now that rocks. I like that it will get me to work on a single charge.

  • Level 1 portable charging cable that plugs into a standard wall outlet (estimated charge time from very low battery to full charge – 22.5 hours; included on all Mitsubishi i models).

    Wow that is just awesome who would of thought never in my wildest imagination could you plug in your car to a regular plug

  • The Mitsubishi i is a prime example of smart engineering!

  • sydney

    because I love the idea of saving the enivorment one step at a time

  • I would love to have one.
    I will have to wait until they are more advanced as far as can go longer on a charge.
    My Husband drives 40 miles per day to work.
    We would be charging daily.
    Great concept if you live in town and close to work.

  • An astonishing 112 combined MPGe does not fail to impress!

  • Betty Neale

    The whole thing makes perfect sense, the tax incentives sound phenomenal as well.

  • Scott Pogue

    As a long time renewable energy guy and a devotee of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s mission to change the World, one person at a time…I am thrilled to be the first kid on my block to own a Mitsubishi i. The most fun I’m having though is relating all I’ve learned over the years to my sons and daughter. After all, it’s their World, and my grandchildren’s World that will experience the change that I have worked so hard to engender. What fun we are having!

  • Monica Young

    I hear it’s a great car, with great mileage and features. I’d love to own one.

  • Dan Fleetwood

    4-Door EV with 60+ miles/charge and possible top speed of 80mph… YEEEA!

  • Mira

    Incredibly inexpensive car that also saves you tons of money on gas and saves us from climate change? Well that’s a no brainer…

  • the mileage rocks

  • Kris

    Sleek electric vehicle perfect for my short commute!

  • Jamie Martin

    It is gorgeous and it helps the environment!

  • Jodi Adams

    The driving range of the Mitsubishi i is a very robust EPA certified “real world” rating of 62 miles/charge

    Source: Clean Technica (http://s.tt/1bNUa)

  • Michael Yanoff

    How can something so cute, so stylish, so cost effective, so streamlined, give that many miles and there not be some sort of catch! i know. SALES TAX NOT INCLUDED!

  • Ann

    Of course, the economy factor. But the front end is what grabbed my attention – it looks groovy. Seriously.

  • I like the idea that this car is so simple and has so many nice features, that is so cool

  • K Draper

    I’m thinking the name lends itself to owners being able to brag about running around on “I-like-tricity”

  • Skkorman

    It is a very cool looking car, and of course I love the mileage per charge! Helping the environment—priceless!

  • Cynthia Shahan

    Efficiency. Balance and efficiency is a beautiful thing for the driver, for the environment, and also for other drivers on the road. It seems that with a automobile such as this there is an exquisiteness of motion and energy that takes so little and provides so much quiet flow of movement using energy efficiently. It seems as if the principles of Zen are employed energetically in this vehicle.

  • Alanlevine

    ..awesome,,we like the fact the our cat can fit in with us and have her own seatbelt…Also the gas mileage,,clear360 degree view.. One last thing,,if I convert my Soler Panels correctly the only electric bill will be via ”the sun”..

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  • elissa

    I love the way the car looks!! Very styish!

  • Mari

    I like the sleek, modern design. On the practical side, I like the “real world” rating of 62 miles/charge. I drive an hour to volunteer, and the cost of gas can be prohibitive.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  • Sharonamy

    What I like best about the mitsubishi is the 145 lb/ft torque. And the max speed of 80 mph is awesome too!!! Go Mitsubishi i!!!

  • Rebecca Goodstein

    tax credit (and the cute car doesn’t hurt)

  • Kaveh

    I love electric cars, keep pollution away from densly populated areas

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  • Well, maybe I’m shallow but the thing that most rocks about the
    Mitsubishi i for me is it’s looks. It is very appealing. The price is also very accommodating.

    won2xx at gmail dot com

  • Mike

    I just like the white colour and thats about it. If I could afford a Mitsubishi I would get an Lancer Evo. Fuel economy is great and all but the style factor is also an important point to consider for me.

  • Emily N.

    I like the 112 combined MPGe!

  • Karengarcia7@yahoo.com

    Helping to save the environment for our children and doing it in a stylish manner!

  • Rust

    Wow! That 112 MPG2 is super impressive!

  • Geo

    It’s electric, that’s why it rocks! Gas prices are insane these days.

  • Happy M

    I like its Electric Vehicle

  • Lynn

    I think it rocks that the Mitsubishi i is the The Greenest Vehicle of 2012!

  • Tmac1

    Great car!
    I love my volt costs about 360 per year to drive 10 k
    One marketing strategy for all pure EV is to give away 8 free car rentals during lease or purchase
    I rarely need gas monthly but every 2-3 months I need to drive long distance
    In pure EV that takes some doing
    Free ice car rntal makes it easy to go pure EV

  • Jennifer Anne

    I dig the white! Also it would be awesome not to pay for gas!

  • Jasper

    It looks slick. It rocks. Probably couldn’t fit in it though.

    • lee colleton

      They made it bigger for the US. The international version is narrower, shorter and not as long.

  • Static

    the front of the i looks like the face of an insect! i for insect!

  • CelticsDraftee

    What rocks is the price of the car. It’s pretty affordable considering you don’t have to pay for gasoline. Down the road prices will drop and there will be a better variety of electric cars too. I like where this is going…

  • Seth

    I think it’s great that the vehicle is 100% electric. Even though I just bought a car nearly a year ago, I’m excited to own a hybrid or an electric car in ten years or so.

  • Leon

    The rear midship is pretty cool

  • Mermont84

    i like it b/c gas prices will keep going up and this car has 3 ways you can recharge- how neat!

  • Doris

    I like that there is a state and federal incentives for people owning it. In the long-term, it could encourage more people to invest in a car like that.

  • Eric

    I love the 3 ways you can recharge because it gives you options. I like the A240V/15A level 2 charging system.

  • Calli W

    62 miles/charge is enough to get me to work and back with a little left over if I need to run some errands. Great!

  • GP Jackson

    The styling is clearly superior. The economics are starting to make sense.

  • l

    Great fuel economy and good looking

  • Lillie Massingill

    It has to be the 62 miles/charge. Hands down…

  • Mark Sapsford

    Does anyone know if it qualifies for the HOV lanes for a solo driver in CA? That perk would help its adoption rate.

  • Bob_Wallace

    “The MSRP for the vehicle is $29,125, the net MSRP* after the federal tax credit is $21,625 for the standard ES model, and the net MSRP* after the federal tax credit $23,625 for the SE version.”

    Several states and some local governments also offer subsidies.

    Some people might be able to purchase one of these puppies for well under $20k.

    California was offering $2.5k and cars sold in the San Joaquin Valley were receiving another $1.5k.

    Florida $5k.

    The actual amount may be determined by the vehicle cost in several states. But, still, lots of folks should be able to get the standard ES for less than $20k….


    • Nice. thanks for the note. think i’ll add this in when announcing the winner.

  • JessieC

    I’m sold for the affordable and electric features.

  • Stephanie

    that it is so affordable!!

  • lee colleton

    I’m fortunate to have free electric vehicle charging provided by my employer. I own an i-MiEV already and pay nearly nothing to keep it charged. It’s the first car I’ve purchased new and I’m very happy with it’s performance. Once the quick charging stations are in place I’m planning to get rid of my other car and go electric only!

    • Bob_Wallace

      What, if any, changes has it made to drive an EV? Obviously you aren’t stopping at gas stations and going for oil changes.

      What changes might you have to make if you get rid of your gasmobile and drive two EVs? Are you a long car trip kind of person or almost never take long driving trips?

      • lee colleton

        7 months later, I still have my other car. I’ve decided to rent it out via RelayRides and hang onto it for the occasional car trip to California or the deserts of Nevada where there aren’t any quick charging stations. I could easily and profitably sell off my Jetta TDI but I’d prefer to keep it as a backup.

  • A beautiful car. I can’t wait for this automobile to be available in the Philadelphia PA area.

  • Garyrjohns

    Wow I did not think I would ever see a production vehicle get over 100 MPG

  • Ali

    I love how reasonably priced this vehicle is…. I will definitely consider on my new car purchase.

  • I think it is a great price for a high-mileage car.

  • Adrienne

    I’m with Carl–it’s the most affordable electric on the market.

  • Danny Romain

    I think it’s a great car at a great price!

  • Shalini

    I like the price point — for electric vehicles to be adopted on a massive scale, the price needs to come down. The Mitsubishi i is a big step in that direction.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I like the fact that this car gets an estimated 112 mpg!!! That is freaking insane!!!

  • Cute little car. 112MPGe…Great Job Mitsubishi. Fast Charge option a real plus.

  • V. Ramsey

    I like that it reminds me of the family matters steve urkell car. I am all about saving fuel so this is a nice car to have for everyday driving.

  • The Mitsubishi i demonstrates excellent economics! Just by driving it you pay it back in fuel savings in less than 10 years.

    • lee colleton

      Or less, if you can charge for free 😉

  • Mike_jupin

    Great safety features, good range, affordable, and stylish – what’s not to like.

  • I like the fact that the range for a charge is just enough to get me too and from work, now if I can find a charging station near the office it would be even better for those lunch runs.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Time to talk to your employer about furnishing places for employees and customers to plug in.

      An outlet and a charge high enough to pay off the installation would cost the company nothing and eventually create a small profit.

      There’s no need for expensive charge stations. Install regular 120vac outlets and rent the parking spaces.

      Furnishing charge points would be a cheap way to get some green bragging rights.

  • ashevillere

    I drive 35 miles per day with my 18 mpg car. That’s about 8 bucks a day for 260 days or $2080 bucks of work related driving per year (we have to pay to work?). At an estimated 1.94 miles per kWh, I need about 9kWh per day. My area, Asheville, NC, gets 4.5 sun hours per day so a 2kW solar PV system will provide me with 9 kWh — all of my work related driving needs. It’s 12,000 bucks for that system, not including the 35% tax incentive from Uncle S. In six years I will have driven enough to save that money in gas and be carbon free at that. Go Mitsubishi i!

  • Carl Fuldner

    It’s the most affordable electric vehicle in the US!!

  • Moonpoint

    More range per charge is a must for me.

    • lee colleton

      What distance do you drive in your average day?

  • Mike Matessa

    Affordable and made from recycled parts — impressive!

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