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“Colorful” Solar Panels from Qsolar

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Colorful solar panel from Qsolar.

Qsolar, an innovative solar technology company based in Canada, recently announced the release of some pretty interesting solar panels, solar panels that come in a range of different colors (i.e. brown, green, red, blue). The Kristal and Kristal Rainbow range of semi-transparent and colored semi-transparent solar panels were unveiled at the end of May. The solar panels are rigid and do not include frames.

“QSolar’s Kristal panels address the Building Integrated Photovoltaic Market (BIPV) which is expanding at a very rapid rate in Europe. The availability of coloured panels creates an even larger potential market for us because the Kristal panels enable architects and designers to implement a wide variety of building applications,” Andreas Tapakoudes, President & CEO of Qsolar said. “We are pleased to have received several inquiries for the new products and anticipate that the Kristal panels will successfully address the rapidly growing BIPV opportunity.”

Full range of colored solar panel options Qsolar now offers.

Qsolar’s semi-transparent solar panel family can actually replace windows, roofs in atriums, walls, and so on, a useful option for those with limited roof space

“These panels will be used in building applications to replace windows, roofs, and even walls and are designed to address structural requirements while at the same time producing electricity from the sun,” MarketWire reported.

Clearly, the solar company is targeting sub-markets that many have not ventured into.

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All images via Qsolar.

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  • Rodrigo C.

    The quality of the panel is really poor. The encapsulation gets yellow
    in a couple of days. The panels are not rigid and in few months it started
    appearing Hot Spots. The worst is that the sales man and other contacts don’t
    even answer the emails. They don’t assume their responsibility and they don’t
    keep their guarantee promises. Now my client is claiming refund, I have
    to assume responsibility and they simply don’t answer.

    Don’t get fooled by this provider!

  • Anumakonda Jagadeesh

    Is it only to appear aesthetic or any real gain in Efficiency? Why Solar panels are black is to absorb sunlight. Of course I have seen some blue coloured solar modules.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh  Nellore(AP),India

    • Anonymous

      seems to just be for architectural/design purposes.

  • Anonymous


    Cost per watt?

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t find much info on these on their site.

      maybe you would have more luck (or better searching abilities) 😀

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