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Published on April 1st, 2008 | by Michelle Bennett


CleanTech Breakthrough: Wind-powered Airplanes

April 1st, 2008 by  

“Air” plane

An announcement made this week is stirring excitement in the aviation industry as a scientist turned inventor claims he can dramatically reduce or perhaps remove fossil fuels from modern flight. His innovative design employs wind power to make an airplane version of popular hybrid cars. He claims his prototype is cheap and scaleable–and it can easily be added to existing aircraft. The implications are far reaching as the aviation industry comes under increasing pressure to reduce their green house gas emissions.According to inventor Dr. Josef Popf, “The idea struck me as I was driving through a wind farm in Kentucky. Why not strap one of those puppies to an airplane? When I first started doing the math, it was really just for fun. I expected the wind turbine to slow down the airplane. But the deeper I delved into the problem, the more plausible it started to appear. Then, after about two solid months, I found the answers I needed and filed for a patent.”

Essentially, it’s not so different from the hybrid systems employed by hybrid cars. As an airplane cruises or comes in to land, the turbine super-charges high-capacity batteries. That energy can then be used during future take-offs and landings. The trick, according to Popf, is to use the wind turbine at high altitudes, where the thinner atmosphere puts less stress on the airplane, preventing excessive drag. Then, during landing, the wind turbine helps to slow the plane, saving even more fuel. Popf estimates airlines could increase fuel efficiency by 50%-70%, depending on the craft. And with biofuels already undergoing tests in the industry, carbon-based jet fuel could be a thing of the past.

“I was surprised to discover that the technology and parts are already available, you just have to rearrange some of the components. Existing manufacturing and assembly plants could start making and outfitting them tomorrow with minimal investment,” said an airline executive. “We’re very excited, and Dr. Popf is working with us to make this technology readily available around the world.”

Dr. Josef Popf is a physicist better known for his work with the U.S. Navy–some of which is still top-secret. His experience with fluid dynamics helped him innovate his wind turbine design. He claims that the application of his invention is not only limited to aviation; he’s working on designs for cars, buildings, boats, and even submarines.


U.S. Patent Office

Video of Press Conference

Scientific Data

(Cloud-plane courtesy of p.j.maracle via Flickr)

** This post was written exclusively for April Fools Day **

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  • JDJW

    Your right . The is NO reason why we should be using or drilling , consuming fossil fuel. We are indeed destroying Earth. And something needs to be done about it right NOW if it aint to late! As far as building an air plane or car that powers itself is really easy ive done it, Im doing it again now with a air plane. Your also right all the technology has already been invited, all we have to do is gather it and configure it. Its really simple. Im nothing special, and if I can do it anybody can do it, the problem is not enough people are doing it. Thats what I dont understand??????

  • Thanksabunchz

    I have had this thought for years ,as well as wind sun powerd cars that can fly . I would love to be able to be able to experiment and five out the solution to a green world . we must respect nature or nature will kill off.

  • Velin991

    I can’t believe you took my idea!!!!!!!!!!! I already got that idea way before you did ! I’m only 12 and I REALLY wanted to try and build it with my my friend but YOU adults had to come and take all the credit! you guys are mean !

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  • Michelle Bennett

    Ah, good times. I recommend checking out the links. Some are gems.

  • Mark

    April Fools!

  • Mark

    April Fools!

  • Hahaha…I was like “WTF??? this doesn’t make any sense!” Indeed…

  • Hahaha…I was like “WTF??? this doesn’t make any sense!” Indeed…

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