Author: michellebennett

Bailing Out Renewable Energy Tax Credits

In case you missed the news, the $700B bailout included tax credits for renewable energy industries. So what are the greenest bits of the bill and what does it mean for renewable energy companies? Also, where is all that glorious cash coming from? Renewable Energy Tax Credits: Solar energy gets … [continued]

Removing Oil from Renewable Tech

Renewable energy is expanding quickly these days. But it’s still a fact that these technologies rely on petroleum and petroleum products for transportation and production. Now that is starting to change. A solar panel producer called BioSolar has replaced a vital component of their silicon panels with a cheaper petroleum-free … [continued]

Tech Today or Tech Tomorrow? Energy Debate 1

The “Economist” debate involves journalists, industry gurus, investors, bureaucrats, and of course economists who have all long been involved in renewable energy. The question: “Can we solve our energy problems with existing technologies today, without the need for breakthrough innovations?” This is the defining question of our time. New innovations, … [continued]

Wind Turbines and… Health?

Wind turbines are a fast, efficient way to produce renewable energy. They’re good for the environment, the power grid, and local communities. But some residents who live closest to the turbines complain about the noise, and limited data suggests it might be more than a nuisance. Wind turbines have grown … [continued]

The Strandbeests Cometh

I came across these critters on Inhabitat and couldn’t resist. You can power homes, towns, and ships, and maybe planes with wind, but what about an organism? Artist-engineer Theo Jansen has set out to design new life on the beaches of the Netherlands. Through his work, he hopes to uncover … [continued]