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Published on January 30th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


BMW Chief Thinks BMW i3 Is Greenest Car On Planet & Better Than The Model S?

I almost passed this one up, since it’s not all that useful of a story, but it’s hard to not cover wild claims made by a BMW chief. It’s also hard to avoid jumping into discussions comparing two of the hottest electric cars on the planet — perhaps the two hottest. Also, the story triggered an interesting thought in my mind, so I felt compelled to just go ahead and share, first publishing over on my EV site, EV Obsession.

BMW i3 Greener Than Tesla Model S, But Which Is Greening The World More? (via EV Obsession)

The BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S aren’t even in the same class, but they’re close enough that there seems to be a bit of rivalry going on between them, or at least that’s what the media likes to argue. BMW’s North America chief, Ludwig Willisch…

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  • bsw

    couldn’t BMW not rip off Apple’s iEverything. They lose cred right away by not being able to come up there own naming.

  • SirSparks

    The production of aluminium requires consuming 13 Kw-hours or more per Kg of base metal. I don’t think that is very green at all.

    • Ross

      Neither is burning any fossil fuel.

    • Dave2020

      “FRP suppliers could lose their market share to metal and other industries if they cannot ensure that their FRP components can be reused or recycled at the end of their life.”

      We can consume GWhs of zero carbon electricity with no environmental ill effects.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Should we conclude that Mercedes S550 is worse car to drive than BMW i3, because it weights 100 kg more than Model S? S550 is about the same sized as Model S. Not very sound argument from BMW.

    I also think aluminium is greener material for car than carbon fiber. BMW can boast with high renewable energy credentials because it is using hydroelectric power for producing carbon fiber for i3. But I would not count hydroelectric power as green renewable, because it disrupts river ecosystems. E.g. new found Amazonian river dolphin is endangered due to damming projects. And Yangtsean river dolphin already went into extinction mostly due to hydroelectric power production.

    Naturally river dolphins are just umbrella species. River ecosystems are a lot more than their most graceful species.

    • Dave2020

      Spot on Jouni, aluminium is a greener material than glass fibre too, which is a good reason to redesign wind turbines to use extruded aerofoils instead. Then you can standardise the cross section, mass produce at a fraction of the cost, replace more cheaply and recycle at end of life.

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