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Air Quality Solar, Wind, EV News Roundup

Published on July 31st, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar, Wind, Etc. News Roundup

Here’s some more cleantech, energy, and other random green news for your reading pleasure. Don’t go overboard and read it all at once! (And don’t skip our own stories!)


  1. Brazil Lowers Wind Energy Prices by 20% in August Auction


  1. Top 25 Solar Cities In California (Not The Richest)
  2. First Solar to Deliver 155 MW of Solar Power Projects for AGL Energy
  3. AGL Secures Extra Funding to Finally Launch Solar Flagship
  4. What Does ‘Utility-Scale Solar’ Really Mean?
  5. Utility-Scale Solar Small in Germany
  6. Suntech Adds Two New Board Members
  7. How To Compare Value Of Solar Studies
  8. California’s Solar Plan Is Succeeding
  9. SunEdison Buys Khosla-Funded EchoFirst for PV and Hot Water

Wind + Solar

  1. German Energy Transition is Favorable to Business and Industry
  2. Energiewende: The German Energy Transformation Explained


  1. Interview: Thinking about Buying or Leasing an Electric Car? Family Shares All!


  1. Rebutting the “Vagrancy” Argument Against Free Transit Fares
  2. Stuck With Bad Transit Options? There’s an App for That.


  1. EDF Exits US Nuclear, Ups Earnings Outlook
  2. Fukushima Clean-up Turns Toxic for Japan’s Tepco
  3. Japanese Utility, and the Public, in Dark about Crippled Nuclear Plant

Climate Politics & Policy

  1. California, Australia Sign MoU to Collaborate on Carbon Markets
  2. Switzerland Raises Carbon Tax by Two Thirds
  3. Obama Calls Out Republicans For Wasting Time On Keystone: ‘That’s Not A Jobs Plan’
  4. As Public Opinion Shifts, Candidates Explicitly Run On Doing Something About Climate Change
  5. China to Invest $375 Billion on Energy Conservation, Pollution: Paper
  6. Top 5 Reasons Why The Shaheen-Portman Efficiency Bill Helps The Economy And The Climate


  1. EcoRecho: the Clean Cook Stove for Haitians
  2. Paris Set to Quadruple in Size
  3. ‘Decoy Pedestrians’ Deployed to Boost Safety in New Jersey Town
  4. Polluting ‘Platinum’ Tower Pierces LEED Balloon
  5. Harvard Hires New VP for Sustainable Investing
  6. Insurance Industry Warns of Climate Change and Extreme Weather:

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  • Ronald Brakels

    The article on the Swiss carbon price has an error and is a lot higher than the price they give. A commenter there says it is about $64 US dollars a tonne which sounds about right to me.

  • DillWeed7

    What about Siemens?

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