The Future Of Electrified Trucks, A Discussion With Tesla Cofounder Ian Wright (CleanTechnica Exclusive)

The Tesla Semi Truck announcement represents a head-on challenge to the way people move goods around the country, but Tesla is not the first to move into plug-in trucks — far from it. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tesla cofounder Ian Wright, who has since moved on to start his own company Wrightspeed, which has been helping shipping companies slash their heavy-duty truck emissions for years with its hybrid powertrains. [Note: We also had a Cleantech Talks interview with Ian Wright in 2015 that’s worth a listen.]

Wrightspeed Unveils Turbine Range Extender For Medium + Heavy-Duty Electric Powertrains

Originally published on EV Obsession. A new turbine generator/range extender for medium-duty + heavy-duty electric powertrains that’s been dubbed the “Fulcrum” was recently unveiled by developer Wrightspeed. The new 80 kW proprietary turbine generator is for use with the company’s “Route” family of electric powertrains (class 3 through 6). Some … [continued]