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Obama’s Dirty Energy Secrets

Editor’s Note: Obama has done many great things to promote renewable energy, but his administration also has some humongous dirty energy secrets. These are not single issues, but span many issues. However, there is one trend — they are almost all housed in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). … [continued]

Koch Brothers Fruitlessly Spreading Misinformation On Renewable Energy

Originally published on Union of Concerned Scientists. By Sam Gomberg Despite relentless legislative attacks funded by the Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel special interest groups, state renewable electricity standards are holding their own and continue to drive investments in clean energy resources. And as long as legislators remain committed to well-informed … [continued]

"Climate change is on everyone's lips" (photo:CleanTechnica/Sandy Dechert)

Climate Change Is On Everyone’s Lips

Climate change is #1. When we say that, we don’t mean we’re all cheering for global warming. We mean the subject tops the list of the most important underreported issues in the world today—at least according to news aggregation site Upworthy. Joe Romm of ThinkProgress says the topic huge number … [continued]

Carbon Tax Has Very Broad, Bipartisan Support (Outside Of Congress)

This article first appeared on Climate Progress. by Ryan Koronowski The Washington Post editorial board calls a carbon tax “one of the best ideas in Washington almost no one in Congress will talk about.” It joins a very diverse group (including conservative economists, big oil companies, environmental advocates, and most Americans) that thinks pricing … [continued]