Warren Buffett

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Charlie Munger Trash Talks Elon Musk On BYD–Tesla Battle

In the investment world, Charlie Munger is well known as Warren Buffett’s highly successful right-hand man. The two are legends in the financial investment industry. But, naturally, Buffett gets the bulk of the praise and attention. There was one big investment that was reportedly outside the normal process for the … [continued]

20 Suitors Who Might Marry Elon Musk & Tesla

Some people seem to thrive on turbulent times. Others prefer tranquility. Elon Musk is definitely in the first group. He seems to be happiest when things around him are in chaos — or at least, that’s where he shines. If so, he must be ecstatic and glowing brightly at the moment. After tweeting last week that he might take Tesla private, the news media has been awash with guesses, wild ass guesses, and far-fetched speculation about who might be interested in walking Tesla and Elon down the aisle in a financial marriage that could have international implications.

Tesla’s Moats — Tesla Can Do What Other Car Companies Only Dream About, And Why

This story is about Tesla’s moats, but I don’t mean to imply that Buffett would invest in Tesla. Tesla is far from the value investments of the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Rather, Buffett’s comments are to demonstrate the importance of moats. Morningstar even has a guide called Why Moats Matter. Understanding the moats a business employs is clearly important to understanding the business and its future.