Volkswagen Diesel

Is VW Lying Yet Again? (This Time About Electric Cars)

Recognising that Tesla is stealing their lunch, VW Group’s head Herbert Diess has bent the truth well beyond a breaking point in claiming that, by 2020, they will produce EVs that match Tesla’s characteristics but at half the price. VW has already recently revealed the real (and fairly sensible) figures on its most affordable 2020 ID Neo EV, so why now are they grossly exaggerating its price and characteristics, or lying about Tesla’s price? They must be getting desperate.

How VW’s Infamous Dieselgate Scandal Settlement Funds Are Being Allocated For A Cleaner Mobility Future

Although the now infamous VW dieselgate scandal has tapered somewhat, the news media has turned its full attention from rightfully highlighting what the company did wrong to now, what it is doing right, or at least, what it has been imposed to do to benefit all of us. There are indeed things to be thankful for regarding how the VW settlement funds are being allocated.

Don’t Let Florida Use VW Diesel Settlement Funds On More Diesel — Last Day To…

Where does smog (ozone) come from? Utilities like Duke and FPL do their share, but mostly, it’s from you and me, driving our cars. The good news is, you can DO something right now to cut smog down to healthier levels. Florida is getting $166 million from the VW diesel scandal settlement for clean transportation. We say it should all go for zero emission electric vehicles.